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Our group is full of energy. We put everything we have into our flow and our performance to have an overall great quality of sound. We are two down to earth females that love to have fun and are serious about our music!


RebelYes is a female duo unlike any other female rappers or mc's you have ever seen. We set ourselves apart through our look, our lyrics, and our attitude. One thing about us is that we are true to ourselves and our fans at all times. We have been together since 2001 and have not broken up once. Every year we set goals that must be met as a group and together we make them happen. Our name definitely describes who we are and our lyrics furthermore explain why.



Written By: KaTAZtrophie & BishoP

What dude/Naptown I thought you knew/We pimps from the midwest/Come and tes/We just rush through your whole crew/You know/just how it's going down/That track with the beat/Flow basically/Put you underground

Repeat 2x


Coming Soon!

Set List

Our typical set list starts out with our intro, which we like to call our ARRIVAL. Following this, we like to bring forth a few songs that the audience can easily catch hold to and follow along with us. At the end of a set is the outro, which we refer to as our DEPARTURE.

ARRIVAL- What Dude!!!
Bounce Back
B.N.B. (Bran New Brand)
Roll Up
DEPARTURE- Rebel-Yes Anthem