Chicago, Illinois, USA
BandHip HopSoul

Rebl Music has a new sound adding something different to hip-hop. Influenced by Chicago, graffiti and old school rap music. They have been self sufficient creating albums independently. Rebl Music's sole interest is getting their music heard.


Smoke filled rooms and the looming sound of Bob Marley records and hip-hop classics grew into REBL MUSIC. Bedroom and garage recordings have now led to high quality hip hop albums. Friends since 5th grade and making music for almost a decade they are now working on thier 6th project. Using descriptive lyrics and life lessons over their producer bludshot's original beats.


Rebl Music forth album "Speaker City" their sixth album is now available for free download at Three independant albums that are available on itunes and cdbaby. Albums: Random Acts of Kindess, R.E.B.L.UTION, Free Goods,

Set List

We perform Original music only:

1. Decepticon
2. Rumors of War
3. Turntable
4. Speaker City
5. Can't you see
6. Lets get drunk
7. Mind Skips
8. Pretend

Our sets usually go from 30 to 45 minutes but we can fit any time slot. The songs we choose to perform will depend on the environment, the crowd and the venue.