Reb Robinson

Reb Robinson


Powerful vocals, powerful songs, about love, life and all that goes along with it. A little bit of pop, blues, alt country and singer/songwriter, sung with a voice that can soar like a bird, with a tone like warm honey, sharing the emotion in each song like a long lost friend.

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Imaginary Friend Records
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Dark Eyes (Pretty Lies)

Written By: Reb Robinson/D. Wade/G. Edwards/R. Dean

R. Robinson/D. Wade/G. Edwards/R. Dean
C 1998

Dark eyes and pretty lies,
Are those eyes the windows to your soul?
I just don’t know..
It took some time to realize,
And everybody says I told you so,
Just let me go…

Dark eyes and pretty lies,
You think that I don’t know,
You fooled me once, you fooled me twice,
Still I can’t seem to let you go,
But a fool in love is still a fool, I know.

Alibis and angry sighs,
There’s just so much I can believe,
Before I leave.
Trouble now in paradise,
And oh what a tangled web you weave,
Just to deceive.



One day it won’t be long,
I’m gonna drive away into the sun,
I’m going to run.
Dark eyes and pretty lies,
Make me believe you’re still the one,
No matter what you’ve done.



Written By: Reb Robinson


Reb Robinson
c 2001

I am a woman, a woman of a certain style,
I been your woman, I been your woman quite awhile.
She barely knows you, but she’s not as subtle as I am;
And she is hungry for a man…

She is hungry for the touch of a man’s hands against her skin;
She is hungry for as much of a man as the man will let her in;
Hungry for love, hungry enough to get her fill,
If you don’t stop her I will..

No I don’t own you, & I don’t tell you what to do,
We’re both full grown and we both got better things to do.
But sometimes a man, he gets feeling lonesome
way down deep beneath his skin;
Are you lonely enough to let her in?


I’ve seen the looks baby,
I’ve seen the secret smiles;
I played by the book baby,
You were playing all the while;
Well sometimes a woman, she gets lonely
Way down deep beneath her skin;
Lonely enough to let someone in..

CHORUS- I am Hungry etc

For the Love of God

Written By: Reb Robinson

For The Love Of God

Reb Robinson
c 2003

I am with you always, even in the darkest times,
Peace is yours for always and I will call you mine,
And my love for you transcends the end of time.

If your heart is troubled, do not be afraid,
Remember I have chosen you to rise above their hate,
And in my Father’s house I shall await.

For the love of God, will you follow me?
For the end is near, but they will not see,
That the things they do will never be
For the love of God.

I am with you always, even in the darkest times,
Peace is yours for always, and I will call you mine,
And my love for you transcends the end of time.


Roses Will Never Do

Written By: Reb Robinson

Reb Robinson
c 2004

Roses are beautiful
But I'd be less than dutiful,
If I didn't tell you,
Roses will never do from you...

Autumn leaves will always fall,
followed by snowflakes,
and spring will chase them all,
bringing those summer blooms,
but roses will never do from you.

Give me lips that so sweetly,
like berries on the vine,
leave me completely suspended in time,
Till I can't remember,
just where I am or why;
only that I am yours and you are mine.

Softer than summer rain
your kisses fall,
and nothing I ever say, could ever say it all,
Since I met you baby,
roses will never do from you.


Yes, Roses are beautiful,
but I'd be less than dutiful,
if I didn't tell you,
Roses will never do from you, no,
Roses aren't good enough from you, no,
Roses, they dream of you...


Written By: Reb Robinson/Brian Burrell


R. Robinson/B. Burrell
C 1994

Tonight as he heads his old pick-up south,
By the light of the moon,
He’ll be there soon
To the Bordertown.
There a senorita waits all alone,
She don’t know it yet,
But she’s so hard to forget
When he’s back home.

And when he saw her dance
And when he saw her smile,
He wanted to take a chance
He wanted to drive for miles,
And if he spends the night
Watching the moon go down
He could fall in love in the bordertown.

In the border town there’s no condo’s.
There’s no hurrying scurrying people
With someplace to go,
There’s just the smell of the jasmine in her hair,
Only the night birds calling
And the kisses falling
Break the silence there.



Is the Ink Dry

Written By: Reb Robinson/Debbie Iammarino


Reb Robinson
D. Iammarino
C 2002

I found your letter saying
That you were tired of playing
Games with me you just couldn’t win.
I know you meant to send it,
I know you meant to end it,
Addressed to my best friend it
Did us in.

The judge said ok;
Final papers were signed today;
And I’m sitting here
With one thing on my mind;

Is the ink dry
Can we change our minds
Can we go back to some happy time?
Forgive and forget,
Is this over yet,
When we both still get
That old familiar feeling deep inside…
Oh, is the ink dry?

For pages torn and faded,
We let our dreams be traded,
Through all the tears I’ve waded,
The ink has run.
Could they have washed away
All that we meant to say,
And left a brand new page to write upon?

It’s only a blur,
Now I’m not so sure,
So tell me baby,
Look me in the eye.;



PRETTY LIES, released 2000, 14 tracks
PERFECT GIRL, released 2008, 15 tracks