An eclectic blend of musical alternative rock with pop sensibility.


When asked to describe themselves and their music, the members of Rebuilt prefer to let the music itself do the talking. From the pop sensibilities of three part harmonies to melodically driven, musical movements; the band strives to create songs that are not only memorable for their lyrics but also for their interesting musical flavor. They come together to create an interesting, infectious, and highly entertaining collection of songs and personalities that are as fresh as they are familiar.

The current lineup of Rebuilt represents a fresh blend of musical backgounds. In early 2003, Micah began performing with a friend as a two-piece group at local Indianapolis clubs. Through their performances, they met Chris and Chad. In early 2004, bassist Nathan Gray was added to the lineup and Rebuilt was formed. Since that time, Rebuilt has been winning fans around the Indianapolis area with their unique style of rock. They have performed in several area showcases and enjoyed local radio airplay as a result of their drive and unique talent. In late 2005, they released their first self-produced album, Ghostman on First and followed that release with an online album of B-Sides, Ferris Wheel Junky. The band is currently working on new material and have recently recorded six new demo songs.


Don't Panic

Written By: Rebuilt

Shake up
Bang in your head
Stay down,
But do what they said
We don't want to go outside tonight
We don't want to go outside

The antidote is coming
It's not so far away
The beast in the tree is throwing puzzles on me, inside my brain
We don't want to look outside tonight
We don't want to look outside

The acrobats are flying through the air
But I am falling to the ground

The little voice inside your heasd is crying out

The Albatross and The Rhino

Written By: Rebuilt

When I was younger, I never thought I'd grow up to be such a bloody disaster
Not much more than just an albatross around the neck of my loife
Just an ordinary, superficial, compromising disgrace
Is there anyone who'd like to volunteer to take my place?

In another time, I bet I could have been everything that I wanted to be
The only problem is that I could never decide
And when I wander in, in the middle, and I wonder where i have been
It's no surprise that I can't find a single place where it feels like I can fit in

Go to sleep
Rest in dreams
It's not nearly quite as bad as it seems
Where do sleeping eyeballs go
When they go to sleep?

Can you see more than you know?
Believe me, I've tried to
Just break down and go with the flow
It's not easy to hold onto


Written By: Rebuilt

I am just a monkey in a tight pink suit
Punching keys to keep in time
Following a dangling, bright red fruit
You can almost see the line

There's a man, and he's tumbling down the unlucky, lucky, luck stairway towards me
When he lands he'll pick himself up into the miles of pedestrians who wait outside

He's a superhuman man
You can watch him as he runs a dream through his mind just to keep from going insane
Superhuman man

Any day now, it won't be enough to get by, get to, what you do to
He has a plan for tearing out the eyes in consideration of the inevitable undertow

He's a superhuman man
You can watch him as he dreams
Just to keep from going insane
Superhuman man
Superhuman man
Superhuman man
He's only human


Ghostman on First - 2005
Ferris Wheel Junky - 2006

Set List

3 Hours
The Albatross and the Rhino
As You Are
Back Home
Can You Love Me?
Cocaine and Spanish Fly
Don't Panic
Mexicali Jail
On and On
Song 17
That Aint the World