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St. Louis, Missouri, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | INDIE

St. Louis, Missouri, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2013
Solo Hip Hop Alternative




"Rec Riddles' rise in St. Louis hip hop scene is no puzzle"

Rapper Rec Riddles was making his name on the Newark, N.J., hip-hop scene before moving in 2014 to do the same thing in St. Louis.
And he considers it the best thing he could have done professionally, ditching the more high-profile scene back east. The move was prompted by his wife’s job transfer. They live in Glen Carbon.
As far as Riddles (Kyle Wright) is concerned, St. Louis has the preferred hip-hop scene.

“St. Louis’ scene is more widespread,” he says. “In Jersey, the guys are mimicking Atlanta and trap. They’re chasing something rather than being themselves. But here it’s more wide open and well rounded. Here they’re themselves. St. Louis’ scene allowed me to get centered.”

Riddles, 27, found that back home, his producer side was getting the most attention.

“The only people feeling me were rappers looking for production,” he says. “But my heart is in rapping.”

Before relocating to the Midwest, Riddles researched the St. Louis hip-hop scene, becoming acquainted online with names like Tef Poe, Rockwell Knuckles and Indiana Rome, and events like S.L.U.M. Fest.
“I saw those guys on MTV and all these things,” he says. “Those were the guys I needed to be in contact with.”

The city’s scene has been good to Riddles. Though he has only been here two years, he managed to nab five S.L.U.M. Fest Award nominations: artist of the year, hip-hop artist male, producer of the year, album of the year for “Omega March” and hip-hop group for ReAcK with Ackurate.

Last year, he scored a nod in the freshman class category.
“This means I did my job,” says Riddles. Describing his sounds, he says: “What if Talib Kweli did a song with Jadakiss that was produced by J Dilla? That would be Rec Riddles in a nutshell.”

Since arriving, he also has opened for veteran New Jersey rappers such as Joe Budden and Redman, opportunities that were not there when he lived in New Jersey.

It’d be hard to not notice the moving and shaking Riddles has done on the scene in a short time. He released three projects in 2016, which he produced, wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered, including his “Omega March” EP.

The title comes from the 1971 Charlton Heston movie “The Omega Man.” Riddles always knew he would name a project after the movie; he has an “Omega Man” poster in his studio. But his twist to the title holds a special significance.

“We been marching, we been protesting, the whole nine yards,” says Riddles, who moved to St. Louis one week before Michael Brown was killed by a Ferguson police officer. “This is the last march. Omega means final. We’ve been here and done that. What can we do next?”

Riddles’ second project in 2016 was his “Brilliant But Disturbed” album. “I’m brilliant, but the world around me has me disturbed,” he says.

He says the album has more of a social-issue angle than before, with songs such as “Rich Man Struggle,” where he raps from the perspective of a rich, white man. “When I wrote that song, I completely engulfed myself.

“Red or Blue Pill,” with Ackurate and Boston rapper Reks, pulls inspiration from “The Matrix.” “It’s all about choices. We all have choices to make. I’ve made wrong choices. My wife is the best decision of my life. Moving to St. Louis is another of my best decisions.”

He was nervous about releasing the record, which came between albums from rappers Bates and Bo Dean. “I was sandwiched between two great St. Louis artists and I’m the new guy,” he says. “But I feel I stood on my own with my different perspective.”

He also released “Dirty Loop Sessions,” an EP, on which he raps over nothing but loops of classic songs from artists such as Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, the Delfonics and the Stylistics, using records from his 700-piece vinyl collection.

Riddles will release “The Prince Project,” where he raps over Prince samples, on April 21, which will be the anniversary of the singers death. - Kevin C. Johnson

"Rec Riddles brings the East Coast rap to St. Louis with remarkable innovations"

Rec Riddles has been in the St. Louis market for a minute, and he most definitely understands that it can be a tough demographics. We had a chance to sit down and discuss how this talented young man is making music and changing the way rap beats.

Rodney M Norman: Tell us about Rec Riddles?

Rec Riddles:
Rec Riddles is a MC/Producer that wants to push creativity and originality in hip hop music. I’m a hip hop artist that wants to share my music with the world through complete and free artistic expression. The name Rec Riddles is derived from my lyrics being deep in metaphors and double meanings like riddles often are and I wreck the ‘mic’ when I rhyme.”

How long have you been in the Hip hop genre?

I’ve been in the Hip hop genre actively for 3 years but I have been making records since the age of 10.

What are your views on the unity in St. Louis?

My views on the unity in St. Louis are that there are certain groups of artist, promoters, DJs and producers that clique up and only work within their particular circle. St. Louis has a vast array of talent in the city with artist of all different styles that need to and should be heard by the masses but until unity occurs that won’t happen. I have love for everyone in the city and I want St. Louis to win.

What national act would you say has impacted your career?

The national act that has impacted my career the most would be Nas. Nas is actually my favorite artist, not just rapper of all time. He is a vivid storyteller, very versatile and his body of work will stand the test of time. I’m sure fans that listen to my music can hear the influence Nas has had on Rec Riddles as a MC.

You’ve come to St. Louis from New Jersey, what has changed since your move as far as the rap game?

Since my move to St. Louis, the biggest change for me was my vision for my career. Being here in St. Louis has opened my eyes to the mid-west region and all the opportunities that are here that I didn’t know of being on the east coast. Another big change for me was that I was on stage a whole lot more than I was when I was in New Jersey and that was a plus for me to improve upon my live show.

Name 3 national talents that you would like to collaborate with?

The 3 national talents I would like to collaborate with would be Nas because he’s my favorite MC. Next would be Black Thought of The Roots and I would like collaborate on an instrumental piece with Prince.

Who are the best promoters you have worked with in St. Louis?

The best promoters I’ve worked with would be Rob Boo, Finsta and the Slumfest team. They’ve supported me and looked me out ever since my first performance in St. Louis. Those are good guys right there. John Harrington and So n So are also great promoters and have allowed me to bless the stage a few times at there event “Fresh” at Cicero’s.

How long will it take for you to start touring with your music?

I will start touring with my music towards the summer of 2016 in to the fall of 2016 in support of my upcoming debut entitled “The Medicine Man”. I intend to tour on the North and South east coast as well as the mid-west. The tour will be called ‘The Medicine Show’.”

Do you have a manager?

No I don’t currently have active management but I have been in talks with a few people and I’m looking forward to acquiring management that can take my career to the next level.

In 10 years, where will you hope to be?

R.R: In 10 years I hope to be a well-respected and revered hip hop artist & producer that is about to release his 10th album and still touring globally. I hope to be running a record company, developing and nurturing new acts as well as operating and owning a recording studio and film company. But most of all, I hope to be a proud father and enjoying a great life with my wife, Kristen.”

Thanks for your time, and I am looking forward to hearing great things about you and your music.

Thanks, for your time and support. - Rodney M. Norman

"Rec Riddles, The Medicine Man"

Rec Riddles is a 26 year old producer/emcee from New Jersey based in St. Louis, MO whose persona is derived from the classic DC Comics villain The Riddler and he lives up to his moniker. He leaves hidden messages in his music that listeners must decipher to fully grasp his music. He offers puzzles of viewpoints that constantly change and brain teasers of sonic intellect. Rooted in vintage, yet leaping toward the future, his beats are laid with harsh drum hits, growling bass lines, melancholy chords that are all meshed together with dirty sample loops and little nuances of live instruments.
Rec Riddles has been featured on four iStandard Producers Showcases including 2014’s Beast of the Beats 8. It doesn’t stop there. He accompanies these compositions with tongue twisting wordplay, tales of life both reality and fantasy that are delivered with smooth tenor cadences. He has performed at St. Louis Underground Music Festival 2015 and St. Louis’ Freshmen Class XIII. Rec Riddles has also been nominated for the 2016 Slumfest Hip Hop Awards in the Freshman Class Artist of the Year category.
Rec Riddles is not a beat making rapper, he is a producing emcee. He is gearing up to release his debut project entitled The Medicine Man spring 2016. His 2 singles from The Medicine Man, “The 4th Kind” and “Wrath of a Menace” have been receiving airplay on online radio and have been place on some popular hip hop blogs. So the question still remains, who is this guy and where did he come from? Riddle me that.

Twitter/Instagram: @rec_riddles - RBL

"Interview with Rec Riddles"

Rec Riddles is a Producer/MC from New Jersey based in St. Louis, MO. Rec Riddles, whose persona is derived from the classic DC Comics villain, The Riddler, lives up to his moniker. He leaves hidden messages in his music that listeners must decypher to fully grasp. Puzzles of view points constantly changing and brain teasers of sonic intellect. Rooted in vintage, yet leaping toward the future. His beats are laid with harsh drum hits, growling bass lines, melancholy chords all meshed together with dirty sample loops and little nuances of live instruments. He has been featured on four iStandard Producers Showcases, including 2014’s Beast of the Beats 8. But it doesn’t stop there. Rec accompanies these compositions with tongue twisting wordplay, tales of life both reality and fantasy, delivered with smooth tenor cadences. He has performed at St. Louis Underground Music Festival 2015 and St. Louis’ Freshmen Class XIII. Rec Riddles has also been nominated for the 2016 Slumfest Hip Hop Awards in the “Freshman Class Artist of the Year” category. Rec Riddles is not a beat making rapper, he is a producing MC. Rec recently released his debut project entitled “Omega March” March 14 2016. His 2 singles from “Omega March”, “The 4th Kind” and “Rec Room Therapy” have been receiving airplay on online radio and have been place on some popular hip hop blogs. Rec Riddles just released his newest album “Brilliant but Disturbed” on June 29 2016 to much acclaim. So the question still remains, who is this guy and where did he come from? Riddle me that

Artist Rack : Where are you from?

Rec Riddles: I’m originally from New Jersey but I currently reside in St. Louis.

AR: How long have you been making music?

RR: I’ve been making music since about 10 years old. I learned how to play the bass by taking lessons in school and started rapping at about 7 years old. I’ve been pursuing a career in music for about 3 years now. I started off focusing more on the production side of my artistry while still continuing to rap but as of early 2015, I decided to focus on both rapping and producing.

AR: How many songs /albums have you released to date?

RR: I have released 2 projects to date. I released my EP “Omega March” on March 14, 2016 & I released my first album entitled “Brilliant but Disturbed” on June 29, 2016.

AR: Can you tell us about your latest release and the background and inspirations behind it?

RR: My latest release “Brilliant but Disturbed” is an album about honesty, setbacks, social issues, race, politics and how all those things have effected me. So I mainly talk a in first person on this album but there are songs like “Rich Man’s Struggle” where I talk from the perspective of a rich white male. The title comes from how something that is pure and a gift from the Creator can be corrupted, mislead or tainted by what is going on in the environment.

AR: What do you think of the music industry in 2016?

RR: My thoughts on the music industry in 2016 are that for most artist coming up in the industry, it’s hard to be original because most music that is marketed on a mainstream platform all sounds alike and most hip hop artist play it safe and don’t really break new ground. On the other hand the industry is also in a great space because of what the internet has allowed artist to do. We’re at the point where you don’t need a record label to distribute your content and you can be completely in control creatively as well as in business.

AR: Who do you think the most influential artist?

RR: The most influential artist in any genre would have to be Michael Jackson. I don’t think there is any artist, alive or dead that hasn’t been impacted by his art. He was groundbreaking, in all aspects of his creative output. From his music, videos, live show, style of dress, he was a complete original. R.I.P.

AR: Who have you collaborated with so far in your career?

RR: So far in my career I have collaborated with a MC by the name of Reks from out of Boston. He’s an elite lyricist and ever since I heard him on Statik Selecktah’s first album back in 2007, I always wanted to collaborate with him. He appears on the song “Red or Blue Pill” on my album “Brilliant but Disturbed”

AR: How do you think you differ from other artists?

RR: I think I differ from other artist because of my sheer creativity and ability to think outside of the box. I market and promote my music myself and I have had success by engaging my fans with giveaways and things of that nature. My music is based on my life, the lives of people around me and my ability to use my imagination. I produce 100 percent of my music and I don’t think there is any other MC/Producer of my caliber out there.

AR: What is your favorite aspect of being an artist?

RR: My favorite part of being an artist is being in the studio and creating. To me, being in the studio is complete therapy for me, it’s my sanctuary. The place where I can get out any and all of my thoughts and emotions. I feel completely free when I’m in the studio.

AR: You self produce all of your music, will you be collaborating with other producers on future projects?

RR: Yes I’m actually shopping for beats now, I have a few producers in mind from the St. Louis area that I’m very interested in collaborating with.

AR: Dead or alive, who would be your dream collaboration?

RR: My dream collaboration would have to be a tie between 3 artist & that’s Prince, J Dilla & Nas. All 3 of those artist are like the pinnacle of what it means to be a great artist, create your own lane and master your craft. Honestly, if I could just hold a conversation with those 3 artist I would be content with that.

AR: What was the first album you bought?

RR: The first album I bought was Michael Jackson’s “Bad” album.

AR: If you had to sell your music collection tomorrow, what album would you leave in your draw?

RR: I could never sell my music collection. I have an extensive collection of CDs & tapes, I have about 900 vinyl records. The only way I would sell my music collection is if the money I received would help my family.

AR: Who are your Top 5 Favorite MCs of All Time?

RR: My Top 5 Favorite MCs of All Time are 1. Nas 2. Black Thought 3. Andre 3000 4. Rakim 5. Ghostface Killah

AR: Who are your Top 5 Favorite Hip Hop Producers of All Time?

RR: My top 5 Favorite hip hop producers are 1. J Dilla 2. RZA 3. DJ Premier 4. Pete Rock 5. Rec Riddles lol

AR: What is your favorite saying?

RR: “Do it now, Get it done”

AR: What other hobbies or interests do you have?

RR: I’m a big comic book head, my comic collection is almost as deep as my music collection. I’m a really big movie buff as well, mainly horror and sci-fi. Another big hobby of mine is record collecting. Even though I am mainly a sample based producer and I mostly sample from records, I collect records just to hear really good music in its original format. My biggest hobby at the moment is learning to play new instruments and expanding my playing. Outside of that, I’m just an average guy with above average thoughts.

AR: Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

RR: Yes I have 6 tattoos. I have a microphone on my right shoulder. “Hope” on my right forearm, “Faith” on my left forearm. My “Rec Riddles Logo” on my left arm and my initials on my right and left tricep.

AR: What’s in the pipeline after this project?

RR: After “Brilliant but Disturbed” I will be releasing 2 more projects this year. The next project is entitled “Notes from the Underworld” which will be dropping in September. I’m really excited about the next 2 projects because they are completely different from my previous projects sonically and I’m looking forward to how my fans will respond to them. I will also be performing across the U.S. making stops in New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, Memphis and Kansas City so be on the look out for that.

AR: Thank you for your time and may you carry on making great, fresh music.

RR: Thanks so much for the opportunity, God bless. - Artist Rack

"Rec Riddles strives to be one on one with his fans."

Skilly: How were you able to start your journey in the entertainment business? Where did this all start?

Rec Riddles: I started my journey in the entertainment business as a producer competing in beat battles and producer showcases across the country. I started pursuing my career as a hip hop artist in St. Louis, MO in April of 2015. However, I have been creating music since the age of 10.

Skilly: What are some of the creative ways you use to promote your music?

Rec Riddles: I promote my music via social media by engaging my fans with give-a-ways and live streaming. I feel that having a personal connection with my audience is the best way to promote my music. Fans want to be able to relate to the artist and the best way to that is to let them in. YouTube and blogs are great platforms for my fans to get to know me and my music as well.

Skilly: What is the greatest challenge you face in today’s entertainment business? How do you overcome them?

Rec Riddles: The greatest challenge I face in today’s entertainment business is acceptance from a wider audience. I create my music through pure artistic expression and the mainstream audience may not always appreciate it. I overcome this challenge by finding the demographic of listeners that enjoy what I create. I have built my fan base off of that.

Skilly: How is the music scene like in your hometown? What do you like about it and what don’t you like?

Rec Riddles: Although my hometown is originally Newark, NJ, I’m currently residing in St. Louis, MO and I am active in the music scene there. The things I like about the music scene in St. Louis is the diversity among artists. There is a real camaraderie and brotherhood amongst the artists/acts across the various genres. Most of the local record stores, DJs, promoters, and venues really support its home grown talent. The only thing I dislike about the music scene in St. Louis is that it does not get enough attention from mainstream media. There is so much talent within the city that deserves to be brought to a larger platform.

Skilly: Where do you think the future of music is going to be? How do you feel artists can be more a part of it?

Rec Riddles: I honestly do not know where the future of music is going; however, there is a renaissance of new artists that create incredible works of art. I feel more artists can be more a part of it by owning their masters and taking control of their music artistically and as well as in business.

Skilly: What advice can you give to other upcoming artists and musicians trying to achieve success?

Rec Riddles: The advice I would give upcoming artists and musicians would be to practice your craft, be dedicated, and stay true to yourself as an artist. Most artists do not know what direction they want to go in, but if you have a clear cut goal and follow through they should achieve success.

Skilly: What inspires you to write your next song?

Rec Riddles: Most of my inspiration for my songs comes from my life experiences. I feel like I am the average man with above average thoughts, so my life makes for a great story that my fans can relate to it. I also base some of my songs on my dreams/nightmares. Another big inspiration for me is when I hear great work from other artists. It inspires me to create, not mimic.

Skilly: What are the steps you take to make a song?

Rec Riddles: I don’t necessarily have a base set of steps or a formula to create a song. To quote Michael Jackson, "my songs are created in space. It’s God’s work, not mine."

Skilly: What do you think makes a great song?

Rec Riddles: I think a great song is comprised of a dope beat, passion, and honesty, well written, relatable, and entertaining.

Skilly: Where can we connect with you? Can you give us your social media links and where we can contact you?

Rec Riddles: You can find me on Instagram and Twitter @rec_riddles. I am also on Facebook as Rec Riddles. You can also find me as Rec Riddles on YouTube.
Bandcamp: - Skilly Magazine

"St. Louis' Top 5 Independent Artist to Watch"

What does it mean to be an independent artist? For some, it simply means an artist who is unsigned or underground. However, for an elite few, it means much more than that. To them, being independent means to take your art into your own hands. Creating, producing, and promoting your own work and being in charge of your own destiny. These people take complete control over their art from idea to fruition. They spend their time working hard to develop everything from scratch, constantly looking to improve and capitalize. And capitalize, these five artist have. They self produce, write, perform, and promote themselves and are doing a spectacular job. They put all of themselves in everything they do, and it shows. They have a drive and motivation that would make Kanye proud and should be watched closely because they are setting the standard.

Rec Riddles has a sound reminiscent of a Blackstarr and Jadakiss collaboration. If you like a beat that knocks with hard hitting lyrics, he’s your go to guy. He is on his way to becoming a well known producer and has already started leaving his mark on the St. Louis underground scene. Many of your favorite local artist are rocking Rec Riddle beats and features, and still, he makes time to focus on his own music.

“Making music is complete therapy for me and having the ability to share my thoughts and emotions with the world is an absolute bonus. I started to self-produced because I know what kind of musical backdrop I wanted to tell my story on as well as being another avenue for my artistic expression.”

Rec Riddles certainly has a way of telling a story. This can be heard on his album, Omega March EP. Self produced in only 3 weeks, Omega March takes you through a journey of set backs and achievements with lyrics performed over eclectically inspired hip hop beats. If you have a love for old school 90’s, East Coast hip hop, then look no further. Rec has it covered.

If you want to catch a show, and you should, you can catch him at SLUMfest 2016, June 25th at 2720 Cherokee. Not really a “crowd person,” but need to hear some new music? No problem. His album, Brilliant But Disturbed, drops June 29th.

Recent Release: "Omega March" - Delux Magazine

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Rec Riddles listed as number 3 out of 10 Missouri rappers that should be famous. - Hip Hop Watch Patrol

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"Top 5 Midwest Hip Hop Albums of 2018"

Rec Riddles' third studio album "Pavement Essays", released February 9 2018 is named one of the top five Midwest hip hop albums of 2018. - Underground XL

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"Rec Riddles: Making Music That Matters"

EDWARDSVILLE — It’s a long way from New Jersey to St. Louis, but music has helped Rec Riddles bridge the gap.

Riddles, who burst into the hip hop scene in Newark in 2013, has become one of the most popular hip hop artists in St. Louis since moving to Glen Carbon in August 2014.

“My wife (Kristen) works for a packaging company and they were starting a facility in the St. Louis,” said the 30-year-old Riddles, who was a lifelong New Jersey resident. “She was in human resources and they needed someone to head up that department.

“She got the offer to move and I said, ‘Let’s pack it up and go.’ It’s so much cheaper to live here than in New Jersey.”

Career-wise, Riddles had some concerns about moving because his music career was just starting to take off in Newark.

“I had made so many connections in the New York-New Jersey area with the music, especially in the hip-hop field, and I was worried that I would have to start over again and make new connections and new friends and get my feet wet in the area,” Riddles said. “Luckily, with the power of the internet and social media, I did some research and found some promoters and venues that suited what I was trying to do.”

Riddles got his love of music through his family.

“My father played the violin, my mother was a singer and my uncle played 11 instruments, so I’ve always had music around the house,” Riddles said. “My grandmother had a piano in the living room and my brothers and I were always tinkering with that.

“I fell in love with hip hop when I was about 7 years old and in my opinion, that was the golden age of hip hop,” he said. “Guys were innovative and had a lot to say and would tackle the topics of the day.”

Riddles did his first professional gig in 2013 at Webster Hall in New York. For him, it was exhilarating but intimidating.

“There were some music industry professionals in the audience, so it was nerve-wracking,” said Riddles, who performed in St. Louis for the first time in 2015. “I was anxious and excited to make my debut and being able to perform for people, but I was happy when it was over.

“At first, I didn’t love performing. I would get an upset stomach and get nervous. Once I moved here, I was able to conquer that fear and feel much more comfortable on the stage. It’s become my favorite pastime aside from recording in the studio.”

Over the past decade, Riddles has proven to be a prolific artist, with 16 albums, including his latest release, “Rec 2,” which came out in December.

“I usually try to stray away from releasing anything at the end of the year because it’s the holiday season and everyone is so busy, but I got in the studio one day and started tinkering with a few things and the next thing I knew, I had a full body of work,” Riddles said. “I love this project because it’s in a different direction musically. It’s more stripped down and the things that I wrote about are very personal to me.”

With an impressive repertoire of original music and a steady diet of live appearances, Riddles quickly made a name for himself in the Midwest.

“When I moved to the St. Louis area, I started performing all over the place,” Riddles said. “That jumpstarted my career because I was able to perform in so many places, like Kansas City and Chicago.

“I’ve been able to do what they call a ‘weekend warrior’ tour, and every weekend from July through November, I was in a different part of the Midwest. Plus, being from New Jersey and having those connections in New York, I like to go back there and perform. I’ve also performed in San Diego, Los Angeles and Seattle, as well as Texas and Atlanta.”

Riddles, whose real name is Kyle Wright, got his stage name from his love for comic books and the original “Batman” TV show from the 1960s.

“Batman was my favorite comic and I grew up watching Adam West as Batman,” Riddles said. “I loved Frank Gorshin’s portrayal of the Riddler and he became my favorite villain. At first, I started calling myself ‘The Riddler,’ but my brother said we weren’t going to be able to use that because of DC and Warner Brothers (owning the copyright to the name). Then we thought about ‘Riddles,’ but that didn’t flow for me.

“One day we were recording down in a basement and the abbreviation on the console for ‘Record’ is ‘Rec.’ So I put it together as Rec Riddles and it just stuck. That was around 2010 and that’s been my name ever since.”

Lyrically, Riddles tries to be topical.

“I want my music to be reflective of what is going on in my life, but also reflective of what is going on in the world,” Riddles said. “A lot of the things I write about, I may speak of them in the first person, but it could be about my best friend and the trials and tribulations they’re going through. I feel that makes my music more relatable because we’re talking about things that everyone has in common.

“Everything can’t be happy, but I want to have a balance. I look to people like Bob Dylan and Bob Marley, who had something to say about what is going on in the world, but at the same time, they can write about good times as well. I want my music to reflect the good times and the bad times.”

If there is one thing that Riddles enjoys more than performing live, it’s creating music in the studio.

Riddles, who has a small recording studio at his home, has recorded albums in several studios around the country, including Bird Cloud Recording in Edwardsville, where he worked with owner Ryan Wasoba.

“Ryan and I have similar interests in music, and we like a lot of the same hip hop artists,” Riddles said. “Meeting a guy like him has been a pleasure, especially working at his facility.”

Riddles’ previous album, “As the World Burns,” is available at Trusty Chords record store in Edwardsville. He is looking to perform in Edwardsville but hasn’t chosen a venue or a date.

“I’ve been in talks with a few people, but I want to do it while the SIUE students are still in school,” Riddles said. - Scott Marion


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Rec Riddles is a hip hop artist/producer from Newark, NJ based in St. Louis, MO. Rec has been writing and rapping since the young age of 7 but officially burst on to the underground hip hop scene in NY/NJ in 2013. Rec Riddles, whose persona is derived from the classic DC Comics villain, The Riddler, lives up to his moniker.

He first gained notoriety by participating in several beat showcases with renowned producer platform iStandard Producers being featured on four showcases, including 2014’s Beast of the Beats 8 but Rec saw his calling in being both mc & producer. Rec's two biggest influences are Nas & J Dilla, and it comes across in his music. Rec delivers cryptic metaphors of life both reality and fictional over his sample based, synthesized, hard hitting production. Rec describes his sound as "futuristic vintage", rooted in the past but leaping toward the future. 

Rec’s unique sound has made him a prominent voice in the Midwest underground hip hop circuit as he has opened up for various legends and mainstays including, Method Man & Redman, Joe Budden, The Lox and Krayzie Bone among others as he also played the bass guitar in a backing band opening up for Twista. Rec is not a beat making rapper, he's lyricist that produces.

Throughout the course of 2016 & 17, Rec released 6 projects, including his first full length entitled "Brilliant but Disturbed", which included the singled "Red or Blue Pill" featuring Boston, MA mainstay & prominent hip hop artist, Reks.

In December 2017, he signed his first record/ distribution deal with The Royal Crowd records. 
Royal Crowd is an international record label with major weight within Rap and EDM. Consisting of established artists and up and coming new talent.

On February 9th 2018, Rec dropped an album entitled "Pavement Essays" which was the first project distributed by Royal Crowd records.
You can find this at

In March 2018, Rec Riddles ventured out for his first headlining tour, cities included were New Orleans, Kansas City, Houston, Chicago, St Louis, Indianapolis, and finishing up at SXSW where he played the HelloHipHop Showcase in Austin, TX.

In the spring of 2018, Rec Riddles released three music videos from his ''Pavement Essays'' release, "Ascension", "Clap First" and Marvelous Times". They all appeared on several blogs and are still being talked about as some of the most unique videos.

After a steady stream of shows in and out of town, Rec embarked on The Project Pope Tour with Wu-Tang Clan affiliate, Trife Diesel. Trife Diesel and Rec Riddles joined forces for a midwest tour that captured the audiences in Chicago, Terre Haute, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Cedar Rapids, Evansville, St. Louis, Duluth & Columbia. The two acts quickly gelled on the road which led them to getting into the studio for a 5 song Ep due out in the winter of 2018 called "The Road Warriors.:

The start of the summer Rec Riddles has already played two St Louis Festivals, RFT Showcase and S.L.U.M. Fest. He is also in line to play the 4th Annual 2x2 Hip Hop Festival in Columbus, OH at the end of July. So the question remains who is this guy & where did he come from, riddle me that?

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