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Recent History


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"She drinks a shot when she feels down.....a couple more when I'm around"....The lyrics Kenny sang on the 3rd song of their 2 hour set at Copperfields Fenway park that made the girls go nuts and run to the stage are from the song "Gentle" off of Recent History's upcoming album "Lake Misfortune". Kenny says this will be the happiest song on the album. Members Kenny Mulstay and Dave Barrett started this group early in 2006 hoping to create a new sound blending traditional style with new experimentation, and thoughtout multimeaning lyrics. The result so far has given us songs like "If I Was You"(, which was actually written for a friend of Kenny's who lost everything to a drug addiction, and what he would have done in his position. "Lake Misfortune", the LP that's expected soon, will include this and many others. "Some of the other stuff is a bit on the down side of things" says Kenny, but expects it all to have different meanings to different people. "What makes a great song is the ability to convey messages, the one to yourself, and the one it means to the person that can relate to it." Bass player Tom Carlisle has been recently added to the Line-up. Recent History has been compared to Radiohead, Coldplay, Nirvana, Neil Young, Pearl Jam and many more.
Venues We Have Played in the last 4 Months:
Copperfields (Boston)
The Greatest Bar(Boston)
The Bulfinch(Boston)
All Asia(Cambridge)
The Compound (Fitchburg)
The Miracle East(Abington)
Speakers Night Club(Marlborough)

****Rececnt History is Featured on Exploit Boston Radio and WERS 88.9 FM Boston****



Written By: Kenny Mulstay

She pushed away the things that she loved
Tucked away what she always knew
A hint of sparkle in her eyes when
When she did what she wanted to

She drinks a shot when she feels down
A couple more when I'm around
She says she never lets it get to this
I said you've always worn this crown

She'll never know what I know
Or how gentle I can be
When I look into her hazy eyes
They fade away from what I see

A step below the things you started
This could be your worst fear
The Lake can make you feel afraid of
What You feel is coming near
If you run and tell the children
Tell them everything you've seen
It will not stop what you've done and
What you want to believe

She'll never know what I know
Or how gentle I can be
When I look into her hazy eyes
They fade away from what I see

If you run and tell the family
Just how lucky you can be
They won't be there for you this time
And you'll never talk to me

She'll never know what I know
Or how gentle I can be
When I look into her hazy eyes
They fade away from what I see


Lake Misfortune (to be released fall 2006)

Set List

Recent History typically plays 45 minute to 1.5 hours , usually with no break. All original with the occasional cover. (Radiohead, sublime, sometimes even Weezer)Original Tunes: Gentle, On The Way, The Feeling, What You Know, If I Was You, The Line, Without a Light, This Echo, Waves, Empty Space, Lake Misfortune, Away Now (all from Lake Misfortune LP), The Absolute Truth, Worthless Opinion, Elope, Last To Fall(instrumental), Around(New material from "A Devils Symphony Vol.1)