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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Riley's new favorite band"

Riley's new favorite band

Sometimes Riley Frukwan needs to enjoy the sights and sounds of the American landscape to share new adventures with everyone and this time folks I am in love.
You see guys, I can be real fanatical when it comes to music and I have a special place for bands that ROCK. That is why it is my duty to tell my readers all about my new favorite band RECEPTOR!
Here is the story, a couple of weeks ago I got an invite to see a band battle over at the infamous Bitter End in the west village and when I got there the place was already in a frenzy for the first two bands I saw. And that is when all hell broke loose. The next band that came out was a crew of confident dudes called RECEPTOR that opened up with their anthem Apathy, shaking things up with Turbulence, had the crowd bugging out and stomping their feet, taking them to another high with Gravity Betrayer, and my favorite God in me. Finally topping off the night showing off some dance moves with a heavy funk rock number called Unbound.
You see, just like Hip Hop, the rapper is only as good as the production and the one thing a lot of bands do not have is that symmetry. The symmetry found in the relentless lyrics and playful style of Shon Moshin's vocals, complimented by the screaming lead guitar of Tony Cortes ( the band's resident sex symbol for the ladies) to the fundamental foundation of thumping rhythm executed by Eric Applegate on Drums and Pablo Furtado on Bass. You know what. I am not going to keep talking. I will PROVE IT to you! Check these cats out on check them out, and I dare anyone to say they donft rock. Band tour dates can be found on This band is going to do great things.

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Imagine Audioslave, Stone Temple Pilots and Led Zeppelin in a gods of Rock jam session and you might be able to envision the essence of Receptor. Now think of four band members so entertaining that their off-stage their antics could be the basis for a hit primetime reality show. Receptor's unique personalities bond by a common vision to create “classically modern”, ageless music that invokes involuntary head-bobbing. Inspired by Rock’s greatest and geared towards its future, Receptor appeals to the masses. Each member brings his own dimension to the group's sound to make their sonic blend of “Heavy Rock Groove”. Shon fronts Receptor with raging vocals and socially inquisitive subject matter. Tony's nasty guitar riffs provide the meat and potatoes of the band's signature backbone. Eric's drums keep the band churning with hard-hitting yet intricate punch while Pablo holds down the fort with harmonic bass lines fused from rock, blues and jazz. This lethal combination brings a diversified, explosive yet funky sound to the forefront of the music scene. Receptor is a force, pioneering rock into the unknown with a progressive universal weapon, attitude and voice . . .