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Recess: Safe & the Physician, two shred bums from "Ski Town" Colorado bringing the Playground down from the mountains. With a high energy show, old school feel, and edgy avant-garde style Recess is soon to Hip Hop's Classiest Class Clowns. Have Opened for such acts as Souls of Mischief and Afroman.


Safe-After years of living in a cave in the middle of the desert with temperatures could reach 125, he moved to the snowy lands of Colorado to snowboard all day, make hip hop music, and generally keep it cool. With pages and pages of nonsense and an old truck, Safe now lives in Frisco, CO where he spends most of his time with his music, he goes outside only to play in the forest, and coffee.

the Physician-Lives in the secluded beauty of Bill's Ranch. With a small 60 year old cabin built by his grandfather, he lives of the land around his own private pond. He moved to the forest after the tragic death of his cousin...Hip Hop. With a new found spark for the music he now ventures in to town on occasion to sell T-Shirts and spit hot fire.

These two artists originally got together to do graphic design projects, but soon realized that together they could be a force in hip hop. A force to bring the fun back in. Who better to do that than two shredders who play all day anyway.



Written By: Safe & the Physician

It's funny how time slips away, and I'm running block to block with no place to say that I know where we are going and so we stop at a spot that I've never been. I notice the local Graff writin, it was tight I was surprised, new names and styles that hadn't yet arrived on this side of town. Like I'd found a new treasure to bury in the ground of my memory, so loud forever it will be inside of me. And I saw it with my eyes so you could hear it and so I spy something important and I can't describe it or do justice to the assortment of letters; so carefully put together. Put there to let us know that he cared enough to do it late one night with nothing in mind except making us see him too.

the Physician:
Subtle yet standin out, we walk amongst the shadows until the sun comes out.

Allow me to intrude on the sublime side of your life, you won't see me or my face just my name in the same place, it ain't fame just a waste of time. A fine substitute for your life on the road paved by the souls of the feet of the masses, driven on dreams.

Subtle yet standin out, we walk amongst the shadows until the sun comes out.

the Physician:
As time slips by, eye for an eye, we're in this together son your art is mine. Most divine, we bomb on these brick walls. An artist has to train his responses to take falls, withstand brawls, and be on good behavior, cuz where we're standin people try to hate you, debate you, try to mislead and fake you. So we stay congruent, never asymmetrical, on time never truant, keep it intellectual. Our influence plucks strings multi dimensional... with affection though.

I saw a logo on the side of a bus yesterday, and it was such that I could deeply relate to it. But I felt used, like I don't know those guys but there name is infused in me, corporate graffiti, subliminal messages I'm not really needing, but it's part of me I'm seeing. I wear skate shoes, Adidas, and Nike, but it might be just advertising affecting what I'm buying. I'm a visual being, affected by what I'm seeing, so I'm spitting it back with logo's on my cap and the stickers on my deck, it's part of why I rap sometimes I need to check myself. If I'm ever giving the chance to sell-out so I fight it but I can't hide it. Those re-hashed logos are classic subversive advertising priming culture for a renaissance by easing in the prospect of art, I'll start from the end and work my way back to the beginning, and if you see SAFE writin in pen stop and pay attention.

Subtle yet standin out, we walk amongst the shadows until the sun comes out.

the Physician:
I can't stand it, I wish we could sit back and smoke one like we had planned it. The best art is never seen, the average pseudo intellectual doesn't pay attention to the graffiti as much as we do, so it seems. You haven't seen the massive underground scene, so keep daydreaming. It's all up in my head a scarred medulla oblongata produced the suture misled, from the mainstream I keep my hands clean and do my damn thing, and keep it fluid like I drew it shooting through hearts the Physician cupid.



Recess's first two singles "Recess" and "Subtle" have been in consistent rotation on Summit County Radio KSMT 102.7. They appear on their first EP "the Drakehaven EP" The Drakehaven LP is being recorded as you read this and will be out by next Spring.

Set List

The typical Recess show ranges from 30 minutes to over an hour. The set list looks something like this for an hour long show...
1.Top 4 (DJ Intro)
3.Gimmie All Your Lovin (ZZtop cover)
4.Runnin (Safe solo)
5.Can't Blend
6.Moderation (Safe solo)
8.Mortgage payments (Safe solo)
10.Cashing In (Minor Threat cover)
12.DJ Break
13.Bad Girl
14.Drifting Reality
15.Locals (only in Ski Towns)
16.Love To The