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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Alternative


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"RECESSION wants to rock it's way out of town!"

Recession wants to rock its way out of town

By Scott Tady
They dress smartly, sport clean-cut looks, and produce a piano-flavored, pop-rock blend that’s worthy of radio. You might wonder if Recession is just a few lucky breaks away from becoming one of those bands that makes teenage girls scream. GO Figurehead Scott Tady was among the judges who voted Recession into the finals of the Hollowood RockOff, which take place Jan. 12 at Diesel. Here he chats with Brian Schultz, a guitarist for the ambitious North Hills fivesome.

Q: Congrats on your Round One triumph in the Hollowood RockOff. What, if anything, will you do differently in the finals?
A:We’re going to try to mix it up a little so the judges will see more diversity.

Q: I hope you don’t change your ending. I loved the way everyone left the stage, except for the drummer, who sat there an extra minute pounding out some kind of military-like cadence.
A: Yeah, we’ll try to keep something like that. We like to do a big finish. Your beginning and end are what people remember the most. We like to make them both solid.

Q: One of the questions circulating through the judges' area was, "How old are you guys?" You don't look old enough to be in bars.
A: We're pretty young. Kevin, our drummer, just turned 19, and (bassist) Bryan Humphreys is also 19. Nick is 22, Brad is 23, and I am 20. We are older than we look, though. We look like we're 15.

Q: Well, you've got a very fresh sound. It reminds me a bit of the Fray or maybe at times Dashboard Confessional or Death Cab for Cutie. What are your influences?
A: We all have lots of influences. Brad loves the Fray, but we try to shy away from sounding like anyone else. We just want to sound like Recession. I’ve got a lot of rock influences like Death Cab for Cutie. Kevin and Bryan are into the Mars Volta and Muse and Radiohead, and Nick is a fan of hard-rock, like what you’d hear on 105.9-The X. So there’s a lot of different stuff. You’ve heard us, but you haven’t. It’s kind of mixed together.

Q: I didn’t pick this up from your performance, but noticed from your MySpace site that there’s a Christian theme to your songs.
A: We are Christians, and our faith is evident in our lyrics. But we’re not trying to go any particular route with our music. I guess I’m going to go off on a tiny little rant here, but Christian music seems — a lot of it anyways — it’s very weak. And people say the other category, then, is secular music. Well, why can’t we be a Christian band who makes really good-sounding music?

Q: You recorded your EP in Nashville. Tell us about that experience.
A: That was quite an eye-opening experience. After recording in Nashville you feel like you’ve gone from a boy to a man. For the song “Fortune Teller” we wrote parts in the studio. It was extremely important for us to record there because that’s when we realized this is what we want to do for the rest of our lives. We want to try to get as big as we can get, and try to break out into other cities. One of the things I’m sure you hear is that Pittsburgh doesn’t really have a music scene anymore. We want to try to help bring one back by playing the crap out of the city. That’s how the Fray did it. They played the crap out of their city until everyone was behind them, pushing for them. That’s how the Fray got out of Denver. Hopefully we can contribute to Pittsburgh’s scene, but get out.
The band: Recession

Sounds like: Pop-rock.

See them Jan. 12 in the finals of the

Hollowood RockOff at Diesel.

Sample them: - Go Pittsburgh Magazine


Recession EP - self-titled
Recession Full Length -TBA



Recession in economic terms: “An extended decline in general business activity, typically two consecutive quarters of falling real gross national product.”

Recession in musical terms: “the kind of music that draws you in and holds you in its space”

Recession recorded their fist EP the summer of 07 in Nashville at a friend’s independently run basement-studio. While the whole recording process was eye-opening for all five of them, it led into a world that Recession didn’t know wanted as a part of it. Independent record labels started scouting upon hearing our newly posted tracks online. They eventually won both of Pittsburgh’s annual rock n’ roll competitions. Their lead singer left the band unexpectedly that year, but they were soon on our feet again. After a first audition with a general acquaintance, they found our new vocalist. Joe Bucci stepped up and fit in with the original four as if he had been in the band from the beginning.

Their first show with a new singer was exactly a week after Joe’s first audition. They worked extremely hard writing new licks and re-working a few current tunes. Joe's first show with was with The Hush Sound on July 7, 2008 to a sold out crowd. With commitment and hard work, Joe and the band established a name for Recession, as yet again, one of Pittsburgh’s hopeful new bands.

Another week after that show, Recession began work on a new EP—which was completed in the summer of '09. The band worked every day, stayed up way too late, wrote new material and tested out ideas to friends and family. The unmixed tracks were sent out to producer/mix-engineer Bernd Bergdorf [Pink, Greenday, Tom Waits, etc.] to be mixed and mastered. Those tracks can now be seen on

Recession hopes that those who listen to the finished product will enjoy the melodies and hooks as much as we have enjoyed creating them.

Recession is always in a process of writing new material and recording new demo’s to be tested on their audience. Navigate your favorite web-browser to to see their latest progress.

Discography Credits:

Recession Full length:
Bernd Bergdorf, [Pink, Green Day, Spearhead, Orgy, Tom Waits, Kelly Osbourne, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Linda Perry, The Bangles.]

Performance History:
Notable performances
Edge of the X studio appearance and radio airplay on 105.9 TheX []
Winner of the WXDX/Hard Rock Café Winter Rock Challenge – 2007/2008
Winner of the Diesel Pittsburgh Rockoff Challenge – 2007/2008

Recession has shared the stage with:
Iron City House Rockers
The Plain White T’s
The Hush Sound
The Cab
Lovesick Radio
The Stills
The Myriad
Cool Hand Luke

Recession is:
Joe Bucci: Vocal, Guitar, Piano
Brian Schultz: Guitar, Mellotron, Piano
Nicholas Cotherman: Guitar, Vocal, Organ
Bryan Humphreys: Bass, Mellotron, Glockenspiel
Kevin Hixon: Drums, Vocal, Bells