recess monkey

recess monkey

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Recess Monkey creates music for kids and parents who ROCK! Fans of Dan Zanes, Laurie Berkner, and Ralph Covert will find a lot of enjoyment in these original tunes. Friendship and imagination are the biggest themes in songs that pair lyrical wit and whimsy with Beatlesque melodies.


Contrary to popular belief, the three members of Recess Monkey were not raised in a jungle by actual monkeys. They did, however, spend many years attending a jungle school run by monkeys, earning their degrees in “Going Bananas.” With honors! Daron Henry, Jack Forman and Drew Holloway are, in fact, teachers of preschool and elementary aged children who met while teaching at the same school in Seattle. The three share a love of working with kids, making music, and just plain old goofing around – all of which help make Recess Monkey a big hit. And not just with kids!


Welcome to Recess Monkey Town, 2005

Set List

Recess Monkey performs at Seattle area schools, bookstores, coffeehouses and toy stores. Our zany, interactive, and shenanigan-filled show( 30 min-hour) is mostly filled with songs from our cd.