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"Hamilton label, Hamilton band shoot for the bigtime"

Staff Writer

HAMILTON — The Trenton-Hamilton music scene has gotten Reckless under the conception of Immaculate Entertainment.

Alex DiMattia, 22, co-founded the entertainment company last summer with Nick Migliarese, also 22. The Hamilton duo started up their own company in order to bring their love for music to the next level.

“I’ve always wanted a career in music,” said DiMattia, who signed the four-member local band Reckless to his label. “I looked at the band as an opportunity to do what I wanted to do and an opportunity for them to do what they wanted to do. ... I like their style. I like what they are doing. I think their music is very marketable.”

Migliarese not only helped DiMattia found the entertainment outfit, Migliarese also rocks as Reckless’ bassist. When the company was created, Migliarese had already been performing in the underground scenes in his up-and-coming Reckless band.

With the seed already planted, DiMattia said it was a no-brainer to work with Migliarese as a partner and as a signed band artist. Their partnership reached its pinnacle on Sunday when Reckless launched its album “The Break” to great fanfare at the Enterprise Volunteer Fire Co.

More than 200 people attended the band’s album release party as the group dazzled the crowd with a high-energy performance. Reckless is a Blink-182-influenced rock band with a broad-reaching style that incorporates flavors of pop and hip-hop.

“The Break” is a power-packed album featuring almost 40 minutes of music over 11 tracks. “There’s a song where some are rap, a poppy song, an acoustic song — it flocks around from genre to genre,” said 18-year-old Bruce Jennings, the band’s drummer.

The album can be purchased on iTunes for $9.99 or a single track can be bought for 99 cents. Among the album’s tracks is a spiritual-themed song called “A Call from Above” and an emotion-driven track titled “Can’t Control Me.”

Reckless so far is the only band signed to the Immaculate Entertainment independent label. In addition to recording music, the band’s founders said they also have a vision to expand soon into the field of fashion design.

The two other members rounding out Reckless are guitarist Anthony “Ant” Martucci, 18, and the band’s lead vocalist, Greg Recchia, 18, who also jams as a guitarist.

“We all write our songs together; we all contribute to the writing process,” Recchia told The Trentonian as the band’s album release party was getting under way. “Now our goal is to just go on a tour and promote the hell out of our album and band.”
- Trentonian Newspaper


"The Break" full length album from Reckless.
All songs and full album are selling on i-Tunes, Rhapsody, Napster, e-music, and CD Baby.
Single to be released.



Reckless is from Trenton NJ. Their love for music came to a pinnacle at The Album Release Party... the most recent, and most memorable part of playing music together. Over 250 people came and Reckless rocked so good for all of them. Reckless as a band are all influenced by blink-182, as many bands are. The main difference between them and the others is that the influence is seldom heard in Reckless' music. Reckless took their love for music and made it their own, constantly writing material that they saw as being original, yet marketable. It's one thing that Reckless does: they push the envelope. Reckless started playing music together three years ago in singer Greg Recchia's shed. A little jam session between four friends turned into a dream, and that dream turned into an album. Reckless has played many shows throughout New Jersey and PA. The biggest and best by far being the album release party, because it brought in family, friends, and fans alike. Not to mention the Trentonian Newspaper, which ran an almost-full page story on the band and the album release. Reckless has grown to consider themselves best friends, which shows in the artistic side of the music. Reckless made an album that incorporates multiple genres, from rock to pop to screamo to hip-hop and back again. Reckless is seperated from the bunch the second a person hears them and their originality. Reckless has also performed many times at the famous Tracadero Theatre in Philly.