Reckless Kelly

Reckless Kelly

 Austin, Texas, USA

Americana/Roots Rock at its finest. Proud to call Austin, TX home for over 15 years! Nine albums and counting...



Pennsylvania Ave (Sep 2012)

Reckless Kelly is thrilled to announce the arrival of some new music! We have just released our first ever single, "Pennsylvania Avenue," and B-side, "Back in The U.S.A," available now on iTunes, and A limited edition CD is also available now at and a collector's edition 7" vinyl will follow in October!

The single, "Pennsylvania Avenue" takes a look at at American Presidents from the past, present and future with overtones of separating red and blue politics from common sense and going with your gut when choosing the next commander in chief. It's about standing in the middle of the road and looking both ways. It's about asking questions and speaking up, both before and after election day. It's about Freedom of speech. It's about the great leaders who have gone to bat for their country when everything was on the line. It's about the future of the country we love.

The B side, Chuck Berry's "Back in the U.S.A." is our version of a classic song that talks about the good ol' days and what we all love about America! Chuck said it best, "I'm so glad to be livin' in the U.S.A.!"

We hope you all enjoy the new music and maybe even find some inspiration to go out and vote on Tuesday, November 6th. Like Grandpa used to say, "if you don't vote, don't bitch." This is your election. This is your country. This is your next president.

RK for USA!

Good Luck & True Love (Sep 2011)

For fifteen years Reckless Kelly has been doing things their way, bucking the mainstream system and playing by their own rules, straddling the fence between country and rock as if they built it themselves. Throughout the years their old school approach to recording has always adhered to one main objective: make each record better than the last. Their latest effort, "Good Luck & True Love" is no exception to this rule. The September 2011 release has earned a Grammy nomination (Best Recording Package), three No. 1 singles on Texas Radio, and four Lone Star Music Awards.

Recorded in an old farmhouse-turned studio in Austin Texas, and released on the bands new independent label "No Big Deal Records," "Good Luck & True Love" is pure, driving, uncut Reckless Kelly. The songs are all written or co-written by front man Willy Braun and range in subject matter from road songs, ("Weatherbeaten Soul," "Hit The Ground Running") to songs about music, ("New Moon Over Nashville," "I Stayed Up All Night Again") and songs about good old-fashioned heartbreak ("Guarded Heart," "She Likes Money, He Likes Love," and "I Never Liked St. Valentine"). The album is the 9th in RK's ever-growing catalogue and is the 3rd they have produced by themselves.

The Reckless boys also made it a point to track almost all of it live. Just 5 guys sitting in a room playing music, with minimal overdubs and aside from a harmony vocal from Dani Flowers, the band plays each and every instrument and part. "We wanted to make a record that sounded like we sound live, without any extra parts thrown in. We wanted it to sound like a band," said fiddle/mandolin player Cody Braun. "Keeping it all in the same space and making sure it was an album rather than just a collection of songs was the main goal, and I think we came pretty close to what we set out to do...there's a lot of continuity within this project." The result is an album that encompasses the last 15 years of Reckless Kelly. Ten new songs that capture the essence of a road worn and battle scarred band of brothers that aren't afraid to take risks and tell it like it is. That's country rock. That’s old school. That's Reckless Kelly.


Pennsylvania Avenue (2012), Good Luck & True Love (2011), Somewhere In Time (2009), Bulletproof (July 2008), Reckless Kelly Was Here (2006), Wicked Twisted Road (2005), Under The Table And Above The Sun (2003), The Day (2000), Acoustic: Live at Stubbs (2000), Millican (1997)