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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Crazed and Unpredictable"

"Energetic and varied, drawing from the thrash, doom and progressive genres, RWO have created something special." - Aaron Small (Brave Words, Bloody Knuckles Magazine)

"They simply cook"

"There are very few bands in the heavy music scene today that can match Reckon With One's complete package: musicianship, presentation and just plain kick-ass heavy metal." - Snidermann (

"This is one to reckon with"

"This is what I would call as close to awesome as it comes, with crossover-sensibility - enough heaviness to pull under Metal-fans, but enough hooks to please the radio audience." - Wes Jaques (Metal Observer-Germany)

"Judgement Awaits"

"Fortunate is the band that is not easily classified. For it is this band that shall attain musical immortality through those familiar with the act succumbing to human nature by perpetually attempting to fit the band into some confining and largely inaccurate musical paradigm. Such is the case with Toronto's own progressive/metal/other adventurers, Reckon With One. " - Jon Clark (Rip N Tear Magazine)



Shock To The System - 1999
Identity Crisis (Live CD) - 1999
The Purpose Of Existence - 2001
In Human Need - Summer of 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


Are you ready for the reckoning day?

Not that you could do much to prepare anyway. When Reckon With One either touches down in your CD player, or at a venue near you, there is nothing you can do to avoid becoming a casualty of their metallic wrath. Natives of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the four members of Reckon With One have perfected the art of lulling the listener in with well written guitar melodies and arrangements, then showing their dark side with their pummelling percussive force and intense vocals, that range from harmonious hymns to resonant growls. Power and progressive metal are definitely a staple part of the R.W.O. sound. Then you can add the lyrics to the mix, and Reckon With One will show you another region of their genius, as high emotional pain, societies ills, and the state of the world are oft-covered topics that belie both the beauty and the brutality of the music.

As you can see, R.W.O. are no stranger to the studio. As a matter of fact, it was their first release, "Shock To The System", that launched the band on their path of destruction, embraced by Canadian magazines like Unrestrained!, Rip N Tear and Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles, while also being accepted by overseas grimoires such as Metal Hammer (Hungary), and Alters of Metal (Greece). Their campaign has also spread to such online giants as Evil Surfer Web Magazine (Italy), and Whats Metal Radio and Webzine (Germany), as well as on radio at Dark Wave Radio and Infernal Waves in France.
The bands official website has kept RECKON WITH ONE fans from as far as Germany, Italy, France, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, and Greece in touch with all the latest information.

Back home, Reckon With One have already begun spreading their message with two cross-Canada tours, the first of which resulted in their highly successful live album, Live Identity Crisis, from a blistering set performed in Winnipeg, Manitoba in the summer of 99. Their second embarkment finished in the spring of 01, and was followed by an East Coast Canadian tour this past Fall, laying waste to thousands from as far off as New Brunswick and Thunder Bay, to metropoliss such as Toronto and Montreal. Studio and touring experience aside, R.W.O. have also pushed their metal knowledge by collaborating with none other than Megadeth guitarist Glen Drover (also ex-King Diamond, Eidolon), whove released three discs through Metal Blade Records (Nightmare World, Hallowed Apparitions, and Coma Nation). The results are sure to be earth shattering to say the least.

All of these experiences have given Reckon With One the ammunition needed to back The Purpose Of Existence. "Believe In Silence" winds down a darker path, as the guitars display an eerie drone, and the vocals propel the track forward. The power and aggressive soul displayed on "Paradise Lies" and “To Die Ourselves” start as intense overture, then turn to harmony and melody to present the band’s internal and personal aspects. And perhaps, one of the bands crowning achievements is "Victim", which Unrestrained! describes as “a straight ahead punishing delivery”, with the double bass attack reminiscent of machine gun fire.

At present the band is putting the final touches, on its newest CD, "IN HUMAN NEED", and should see a summer 2005 release through Reficul Records. Several shows are already in the works as well as another tour of Canada and the USA.

So once again, are you ready for the reckoning day?