Recoil VOR

Recoil VOR

 Sydney, New South Wales, AUS

Straight metal with individual mixes of influences but the outcome is a tight, raw and energetic metal band with experience..NO sub genres.


RECOIL VOR all grew up in western Sydney for a love of heavy music.
Being influenced at a young age, mainly by OLD SCHOOL HEAVY METAL like Pantera, Metallica and Slayer, RECOIL VOR are also compared to more modern bands such as Chimaira.
Classing themselves as a PURE METAL band, RECOIL VOR have headlined multiple Australian tours and supported an array of international bands; Static-X, Hed PE, The Haunted, Kottonmouth Kings, Sen Dog, On Broken Wings, The Literates, Daysend and Carpathian.

Releasing a number of underground demos and EP's RECOIL VOR's debut album 'The Will To Sin" was released worldwide via New Justice Records/MGM in 2010.

Now off the back of a succesful 2011 USA tour a highly anticipated follow up release is due early 2012.



Written By: Recoil

Germany, Paris, Grenoble, Switzerland trippin' through the red light district Amsterdam, half metres at Oktoberfest, three weeks gone and I'm back in the U.S.
This time was to clear my mind then to cloud it back up again smokin' all different kinds.


Multiple demo's and EP's.
Debut album "The Will To Sin"
National and International air play.
National PR campaign for the album release.
Multiple interviews and reviews in street press, radio and websites.
International supports and tours.
Two Australian tours in 2010.
USA & Australian Tour 2011