Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Award Winning Futuristic Robot Dance Music. Recorder uses vocoders, theremins, & synthesizers while covered in full robot attire. The live show is full of theatrics and is quite unique, creating what is: robot dance music.


Robot dance music & sad robot lullabies, made by robots...for robots. We attempt to always try and find something a little off the beaten path to give to you, something sincere yet playful...innovative and moving...We have fun when creating these sounds. We simply make music, and hope you enjoy it.

In Winter 2007 Recorder made a transformation from a solo project to a three piece machine.
This new hybrid makes for an unbelievable live performance, more touching melodies, and intensified brain wave manipulation!

What the others say:

Chris Vrenna (Tweaker)
Original member of Nine Inch Nails , Marylin Manson, Gnarls Barkley.
"You have a very well thought out act going here. The cheeky robot costumes, vocoders, all works together great. Musically it sounded great and you handled two difficult instruments (vocoders and the theramin) very well. Your characters and presentation reminds me a little of The Flaming Lips meets Daft Punk, which is a huge compliment."

Music Nation
"Sad robot lullabies, and robot dance music...That sums up Recorder perfectly! They may be from Tulsa, OK, but they have NYC buzzing."


Button and Bleeps (2008)
Machine Made Man (2008),
The World Stops (2007),
Minuta Online Classics (comp 2006),
The Depths (comp 2006)

Set List

Wait For Me
Fax Post Data
Drum Practice
Get Down
It's Not Right
Living on Video
Puttin on the Ritz
Dear Nebulon
Picture Show
Time Out
Sound and Light

We usually perform a 40 minute set, but are prepared to play longer or shorter sets.