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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Records Record Records ROCKS!"

"Tonight was their third practice and they rocked! They played two solid originals after only three practices. They definitely have a good chemistry together to really pull out something that is going to be huge for Indy."

-Todd Gayner

12.5.07 - INDIEanapolis Magazine

"RRR was the revelation of the night""

"...while Records, Records, Records (from Indianapolis) took piano pop-rock to the Outland stage for a rare appearance. We’ve seen MWL before and always have a good time, but RRR was the revelation of the night. The band played with great sonic presence and write solid, memorable songs. We’ll definitely be back for their next gig here..." - the FourFour, Springfield MS

"RRR Hosts Showcas"

"...they were as bold as to have their first in town show be at Spin, hosting a showcase...a huge success..." - INDIEanapolis Mag

"RRR Hosts Showcas"

"they have a genuine chemistry that makes this band work...the energy in the room was electric" - INDIEanapolis Mag

"RRR Will Blow Up"

"This band writes the album that will stay in your CD player for weeks at a time...the live performance to concert goers is comparative to the religious faithful going to church...No Need To Cry had fans and patrons singing along and waving their hands in the air...." - FST/TB Productions/Publications


Debut EP due out April 2008
"Leisure Sports & Substance Abuse Problems"



They are the sound track to everyday life. Their songs uplift, inspire and make listeners smile. Love, life and celebration are the cornerstone of their sound. Records Record Records (RRR) are a modern day hit factory with songs including hooks, harmonies, melodies and an undeniable likeability that crosses all genres. The group came together in early December of 2007 after front man Davey Heritier’s band broke up. He then taught himself to play piano and keyboard, interested in changing his sound. With several great show opportunities on the table, Davey went to acoustic performer Drew Mowell to head up the songwriting. With the duo in tact, he then sought out acclaimed drummer Padraig Boyle. The trio began to use the Wednesday open mic night in Broad Ripple as a live rehearsal when road tested Jimmy King randomly popped his head in to check the band on stage. He was so impressed with the sound of this new band that he approached Pat and insisted he was the new bass player.
With a full band in tact, Davey took his new band and immediately started writing songs. After only a month and a half of practice the band went to the studio in March of 2008. The title of their debut EP, “Indecent Displays of Self-Indulgence,” comes from the willingness of RRR to make pleasurable music with no fear of critics and naysayers. Without a doubt this band has the capability to rehash the excitement of popular music bands like Fleetwood Mac and the Doors introduced to the world in the peak of their careers and sustain the sound similar to current bands Maroon 5 and the Killers. Records Record Records are a band in the midst of creating not only great music but a special moment in present day music scene.

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