Combining harmonized melodies, introspective lyrics and undeniable grooves, rectifier takes a blank canvas and creates a sonic rock masterpiece that generates an addiction to the soul.


Who says rock is dead? The Harrisburg-based band rectifier appears ready and able to take on the challenge of adding another chapter to the book of rock.

Vocalist Mitch Taylor, guitarist Scott Michajluk, bassist Troy Lehman, and drummer Tony Kirchner deliver the goods with power, passion and purity. This is a musical feast that rises above the cookie-cutter rockers that pollute today’s mainstream. “We are all about the song,” says Michajluk. “ We don’t care about the flavor of the week. It’s all about writing good music that touches anyone who hears our album or sees a live performance. We’re not necessarily different and we are not trying to recreate the wheel, just shake it up a bit.”

And shake it up they do by packaging a classic southern rock vibe, with the melody of Elton John, and the raw dominance of Alice in Chains and then wrapping it with their own unique perspective. The result is pure stimulation to the senses, blending edgy blues driven guitar with soulful vocal heaven. From beginning to end, the band displays a balanced control that is designed to pluck the emotive nerve in anyone who listens. Each song stands as a small epic unto itself, where the band’s varying influences mesh to create rock utopia. While some tunes like “Billy” and “Your Throne” appear rather dark, an enlightening and uplifting spin runs through the music, leaving one feeling better for have taken the journey.

“The goal of music is to move its listener,” explains Taylor. “We pride ourselves and live by that concept. It’s not about how many records you sell or playing in 20,000 seat arenas. It’s about reaching out to that one person in the back of the room. If they walk away and their soul has been touched by our music, that’s the measure of true success. To have that opportunity and been given that chance everyday, makes us as musicians truly blessed.”


Conferences: Dewey Beach Music Conference 2004
Millennium Music Conference 2005

Single "Drama Queen" receiving commercial spins on 105.7 the X (Harrisburg, PA) and WYSP (Philadelphia, PA).

Release 3 song demo featuring the single "Drama Queen", May 2005.


Released 3 song demo featuring the single "Drama Queen" in May 2005.

"Drama Queen" currently receiving commercial spins on 105.7 the X (Harrisburg, PA ) and WYSP (Philadelphia, PA).