The Reculver sound is an articulate blend of power and melody with a heart of blues and hooks a mile wide. Incredibly tight, uncompromisingly hard, soulful music. Favorite Festival:NXNE Music Festival, Toronto.


Reculver are a modern rock band from the wilds of southern Kent (UK). Formed in 2003 by cousins Luke and Simon Purdie with rhythm section Jarrett and Jimi August. Musicians drawn together through a common hard rock heritage coupled with an ethic of musical freedom.

The bands core is the upshot of a life long friendship between cousins Luke and Simon, enhanced by long term collaboration with drummer Jarrett. Playing together in various groups for several years they have honed their skills and sound into a unique identity.


Radio Play List

Written By: 2005

Scott Mills - BBC Radio1 Show
Ian Camfield - XFM Rock Show
Bruce Dickinson – Radio6 Rock Show
TotalRock playlist & Live session broadcast 23rd Nov / Radio2XS / The Overflow / Star 107FM / BCB 96.7fm / Extreme Radio / Maximum FM / / Radio Maldwyn 756 Rock show


'Wake Up Call'
'Sharp Sand'
Debut Album - 17th Oct 2006
'Food For Kings'

Set List

Set time = 30-45 minutes.
Original Material (No covers)