Recycled Souls

Recycled Souls


Our fans have created their own genre for us: GROOVECORE. We are a cross between Sevendust, Killswitch Engage, Metallica, and anything that makes you move.


From the very beginning, Recycled Souls has left their mark on audiences all of the country. Known for their intense live performances and even more intense message, everyone is talking about Recycled Souls. In their short time on the scene, they have an impressive resume, having played with some of the biggest names in the indurstry, bands such as: Pillar, Disciple, Big Dismal, Staple, Blindside, East West, and many more... Recycled Souls unique brand of music has created it's own "sub-genre" Fans have aptly named Recycled Souls music as a cross between Hardcore and Groove, penning the genre "Groovecore" for this band. Catchy, heavy, hook-laden, infectious grooves, coupled with intensly passionate, thought provoking lyrics about life, it's struggles and victories. Recycled Souls wants to change the way you view life, one soul at a time. Recycled Souls is set to take over the world.


Darkest Hour: EP
Trying to Cope: single
Radio play 100.3 The Kross (Tulsa, OK)

Set List

10-12 songs
45 min.- 1hr. set

Sleeping Underwater
Watch the City Burn
You Can't Bring me Down
Trying To Cope
Darkest Hour
So Tragic
Killing Machine