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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | Established. Jan 01, 2013

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Established on Jan, 2013
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Beat Music News- A direct quote from a punter- "I've seen a shit load of bands over the years, this band is a rockin' kick-ass band, top show!!!!!". RLR have been receiving praise like this in the past weeks following a show at the Bendigo Hotel. "RLR", or RED LIGHT RIOT are a brand new Melbourne based Punk Rock band. And they have indeed been getting fantastic responses from audiences who are being left gobsmacked by their powerful catchy riffs, and pure unadulterated energy they give off at shows. They certainly are making waves and are worth checking out if you are into good Aussie Punk Rock. But even if you arn't a "Punk Rock Fan", you will find something special about this band. They are set to play again at The Tote on the Friday the 24th of Jan, with The Ugly Kings, Stone Revival, and Sexy/Heavy. You might kick yourself for missing this show. Get down. Seriously." *Beat Music News* - Beat Magazine


Melbourne has long been a hub for hard rock and punk bands. The lively community of musicians toiling in these genres ensures the subsistence of this underground institution. Formed in early 2013, Red Light Riot comprises a handful of musicians well experienced playing in the grimy bars of Fitzroy and Collingwood.
The band was initiated when guitarist Nina von Johannsohn (formerly of Wolfpack) and vocalist Kristy Kta (from Queensland’s Kill The Apprentice) recognised their similar tastes and ambitions.

“A mutual muso friend literally hooked me and Kristy up and we started talking about what type of band we wanted it to be and our influences,” von Johannsohn says. “Early Blag Flag – Keith Morris-era, Fugazi, L7, Hole, even PJ Harvey. Iggy Pop was another one. It was that vintage early hardcore punk rock and that real female energy as well,” she says of their major influences.

After some early personnel trial and error, a prosperous relationship developed playing with drummer Ingrid Martini (K Road Queens), bassist Benjamin Hall (Fire Underground) and lead guitarist Ed Jones (Hellbent Revelators). Martini speaks confidently about the group’s chemistry.

“We’ve got a really good bond happening between the five of us. We’re just so open with each other and we just have so much fun with each other. We’re the kind of people who can be straight up with each other. There’s no bullshit. If there’s any issues they’re not around for long because we communicate well and play together well. With that bond our sound is coming along really strongly and quite fast,” she says.

Songwriting largely remains a collaboration between von Johannsohn and Kta, however they’re not exactly dictating masters. Rather, democracy is the key.

“At the end of the day it’s always a team effort and I want everyone’s influence. We’re definitely not precious over who does what or changes made. We just want the best result,” von Johannsohn explains.

As mentioned, von Johannsohn and Kta cited some fairly specific guitar-wielding touchstones at the band’s inception. Martini’s summary of the quintet’s sound suggests these instigating influences have been closely followed.

“We’re very much punk rock,” she says. “We’ve got really strong punk influences but we’ve also got a lot of heavy rock influences.
“Our sound definitely can’t be pigeonholed as one genre,” von Johannsohn adds. “It’s definitely got some sub-genres and different influences going on. I think our main thing is high energy."

Even though von Johannsohn suggests that their sound can’t be succinctly pinned down, she’s very assured about what the band represents. “We know what we’re doing. I don’t think there’s any confusion now in terms of our sound.”

The term ‘punk’ immediately implies more than just a sound. In addition to their noisy high energy approach to playing, Red Light Riot assume a fearless punk rock spirit. “There’s definitely that ideology behind stuff as well as the sound. We put our heart and soul into everything we do and all our songs,” says von Johannsohn.

The band have just one gig under their belt thus far but 2014 is set to be a big year. “We’re in the process at the moment of recording our EP and that’s at Homesurgery recording studios in Brunswick,” reveals von Johannsohn.

Homesurgery (which is also a management company) is run by Shihad’s Tom Larkin and Martini explains how excited she is to record there. “Because I’m a kiwi, Shihad’s a pretty dear band to the hearts of New Zealanders, so I’m really proud to be dealing with him.” The EP should be available in four months time and the band have a number of gigs locked in for the first part of the year. “The vibe is what it’s about for us, because we just have so much fun with it and everyone seems to really like the tunes. So onwards and upwards really.”

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"Live Review"

First up was five piece Red Light Riot. Powered by the striking and compelling Ingrid on drums, this was fierce and in your face punk rock that would annoy the absolute crap out of your neighbours and kill their lawn to boot.

Featuring a bottom end so solid you could build a house on it combined with sharp, stinging guitar lines and female screaming banshee-like vocals, this band recalled the likes of Babes In Toyland and Bikini Kill, two of the premier ‘riot grrl’ bands of the Nineties. Polished and a lot of fun, Red Light Riot put in a great set. -


HIGH SOCIETY EP (live studio recording, 2014)

Up The Aussie Punx (Compilation, 2015) featuring song 'Demented'

Nevermind The Warp'd Tour (Compilation, 2015) featuring song 'Demented'



The five pointed star of Red Light Riot began formation in 2013 after Kris and Nina got talking about starting a band and quickly recognised that they had mutual influences such as L7, Black Flag, Fugazi, Patti Smith, Wendy O, Hole, At The Drive In, and Iggy and the Stooges. 

Fuelled by a fury at the state of the world today, both knew they had something important to say and wanted to unleash their truth onto a world that is driven by lies. They wanted to build on their foundational influences to form a particular sound of their own; honouring their punk rock & rock n roll roots but injecting that sound with a fresh and intense perspective. 

2014 saw Red Light Riot release their live studio debut EP 'High Society' recorded at Home Surgery (Tom Larkin), which was followed by a video clip made by Director Dan Armstrong of StrongMan Pictures, for their hi-energy single 'Demented'.

 (they have been) "getting fantastic responses from audiences who are being left gobsmacked by their powerful catchy riffs, and pure unadulterated energy they give off at shows. They certainly are making waves and are worth checking out if you are into good Aussie Punk Rock. But even if you aren't a "Punk Rock Fan", you will find something special about this band." 

Beat Magazine- 2014

Red Light Riot have played such festivals as Rock N Load and Nevermind The Warp'd Tour.

Red Light Riot have shared the stage with such bands as Tumbleweed, Sun God Replica, King Of The North, Don Fernando, My Echo, Bugdust, Dead City Ruins, No Idea, Ramshackle Army, The Captives, Animal Hands, River Of Snakes, The Ugly Kings, The Mercy Kills and Mushroom Giant.

Red Light Riot is Kris (Kill The Apprentice) on vocals, Nina (Stay Sharp, ex-Wolfpack) on guitar and backing vocals, Ed (Hellbent Revelators) on lead guitar, Nick (Elm Street, The Scarlets) on bass and backing vocals and Carlos (Australian Kingswood Factory) on drums, carving their own sound that stays true to the original vision. 

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