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Red Shaydez

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA
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As the music industry embarks on a new era of stars, rapstress Red Shaydez is destined to leave her own imprint in the game. Her versatility and dynamic stage presence puts the femcee in a league of her own. She is being hailed for her creativity and heartfelt messages. Moreover, Red Shaydez has a work ethic that is unmatched and she has built a loyal and substantial fan base with in hometown of Boston and beyond.


 Red Shaydez is a multi-faceted Hip Hop recording artist who comes from a northern, southern and West-Indian background. Red was able to intertwine various cultures into her music style.  Beginning her music career professionally as an artist and online radio personality on BlogTalk Radio (Red Shaydez At The Hour), she was able to learn a lot about the music industry. She was recently featured on the "New Artist" segment on DJ Lord Sear's Show on Sirius XM's Shade45 discussing her new release "Little Sabrina" that has a powerful message for all the young girls in the world. This visual has recently gone viral on various outlets.
Red Shaydez got nominated for "Best Female Rapper of the Year" in 2015 at the Underground Music Awards in NYC. Just year later in 2016, she became a mentor and adviser at The Hip Hop Transformation (a youth program in Cambridge,MA). She plans to become even more involved in her community in the coming months. Later that year, she released her debut album “Magnetic Aura” that has received rave reviews.
Red Shaydez's manager, OZ Abraham, happened to be stopping by a local smoke shop Seymore Green when he heard "Serena Williams" by Red Shaydez being played in the store. They came into contact and the rest was history. Since then, "Serena Williams" has been receiving a lot of press and recognition. This record has been featured in an indie film "NYGTV: The Movie" and spun on various radio stations. This single even garnered her more attention from a local filmmaker from Emerson who decided to film a documentary "She Got Bars" about her craft as well as her journey thus far. In such a short time, Red Shaydez has also been featured on many notable sites such as,, and
You can follow Red Shaydez @Redshaydez1 on ALL social media and you can streamher music on Spotify, iTunes, and on her own Pandora radio station here


Little Sabrina

Written By: Red Shaydez

Hand on her hip
Tongue out for the pose
And she poking out her chest
So her breasts make it look like she 20 years old
Make up on fleek wit her skin tight jeans--everything's exposed
Doesn't have a mother figure to consider that her child acts way too grown

Walking down the street to the bus stop
and she giving dudes a peak
So they must stop
Knowing if she keeps this up trouble sure will find her
Hoping that her bad grades are a small reminder
A purse in her hand no books or binder
Clearly getting knowledge isn't on her mind but
She wanted by the boys think she moving forward
Ironically they only care bout what's behind her
N she shouldn't rock with those
But these are things that somebody should of taught her though
She steady trying to be a dime
It'll cost her though
Nobody keeps loose change if the dollars rolled
She need to worry bout her place on the honor roll
Instead of thinking bout her taste in designer clothes
We hardly see imagery in the feed
Filled with positive energy
What I guess they got a lock on those
N of course she believes it cuz these lies are told
She ain't woke and the reason is
Her eyes are closed
Plus reading doesn't work
She ain't buying those
Only time she's alert when she's on her phone
Babygurl it ain't love he just trying to bone
Leave em all to the curb as you find your zone
Cuz you need to find drive baby not the pole
And that's not what one does
When she finds her own


Trying to find her way
Ain't no where to go
Hides behind her smile
Inside she's feeling cold
She's trying to find her place
But she don't have a home
And all her friends are fake
So she is on her own
That's little Sabrina
That's little Sabrina 2x

Verse 2:

I sat her down had to talk to her
She said everything I said made sense n that it meant a lot to her
N she asked where I been
Would of changed her ways then
A lot sooner
I explained that not everybody see her the same as that I view her
That's true cuz
I been down that path before
And I was a small size so I wanted more
I could see why she's Lost i do understand
No woman or a man that could guide her or
At least make her understand what shes fighting for
That don't mean she's gonna listen
Cuz her pride is soar
As a result think she went back to lying more
Not gonna leave Imma go back to trying more
No change happens overnight

N you can't really see the progress with no oversight

Every minute getting caught up in the moment but you saw the light

There's so many children who are like Sabrina so I had to write

Let's Go


Magnetic Aura (2016)

Set List

Red Shaydez and Hypewoman Stephanie Millions tailor each show specifically contingent upon theme.