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Long Beach, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Long Beach, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Rock Hard Rock




"RED9 at House of Blues"

Very rarely does a band make you fall on your ass due to the fact that the gelatin-like remains of your melted mind have left you dumb, drooling, and fully erect. Further, very rarely does the breath of fresh air in a stale show come from a group who isn’t headlining; that group single handedly turned a flat, lasagna-eating night with Grandma into a head banging, hard rocking, blood dripping, snot flinging trip down the musical rabbit hole. If there is any piece of advice I can give you after checking out the House of Blues last Friday, it’s to GO CHECK OUT RED9. Listen to their music, go to their shows, buy their albums, or, at the very least, check them out on YouTube, because these guys are one of the strongest power trios in the Orange County area. They put on one of the most impressive performances I’ve seen out of the heavy rock scene not only in the OC but all across California.

I’ll admit, when it comes to hard rock I’m a bit of snob. For the past 3 years “metal,” or “hard rock,” comes off as a watered down Avenged Sevenfold sound in the local area, and bands have been, as I like to put it, “playing as an Avenged Sevenfold cover band playing songs that Avenged Sevenfold hasn’t written yet.” It’s all been done before, and just because you have distorted guitars, wear bandanas and have a front man who can sing (kinda) and scream (sorta) doesn’t make you creative, unique, or, for this listener, worth deeming as rock. To me, you’re pop. You’re like Katy Perry dressed in black. So, just when I was growing tired of what the OC hard rock scene was becoming, Red9 peeked their glorious heads in my direction and the result was as sweet as a brass knuckled punch to the forehead (which is a good thing).

Red9 draws influences from the grungier side of rock with apparent influences from Alice in Chains, Tool, Soundgarden and Nine Inch Nails. Their sound is rich in aggressive riffs, melodic solos, and a mastery of each individual member’s craft. Their music is full of life and the fact that they play as a three piece only makes this attribute that much more impressive. Each member has a role in the band, be it grounding rhythm or nailing changes, but the most active member of the group in contributing to the unique quality of the band’s sound is front man AND Bassist, Jeff Lyons. Take away his vocals and Lyons is an impressive musician with hands climbing and attacking the neck of the bass like a spider trying to catch a bat in its web; but on top of his strong talent with his instrument, the man can sing, and sing well. Lyons’ musicianship is what immediately caught my attention with these guys; however, it was the strong coordination of the band as a whole and the unifying direction they all focused on which proved Red9 to be more than just a talent with a supporting band; they were a powerful steam engine with a lot of potential and an unmistakable sound.

The band produces well-crafted songs containing some of the most decisive and appropriate changes I’ve heard in the local scene. As mentioned earlier, Lyons’ finesse on the bass typically took the role of lead instrument, which was then accented by the guitars and drums. With that said, the very fact that the front vehicle of the band’s sound was driven by bass, and the bass guitar itself is a rhythm instrument, meant that the result was a more sophisticated sound in which the meandering leading bass sections hit the ear as complex rhythm sections, blending effortlessly with the other members. They fittingly incorporated a cover of Nine Inch Nails’ “Head Like a Hole,” a somewhat obscure song to be covering, as about one-third of the crowd recognized it as a cover. However, actually knowing the song wasn’t a concerning manner because they nailed it and audience erupted in applause, whether they knew Trent Reznor wrote it or not. The audience that night is also something worth mentioning, being that they provided another indicator in how infectious Red9 is as a group. By gauging the increase in audible applause from the time the band began playing to the time they played their last song, it was clear that there was a transformation from seeing Red9 move from an amateur act to a beloved talent.

To sum up, Red9 blew me away with their live show, and I again urge you to check them out and to see them live if you get the opportunity. They possess a clear passion for what they do, and, fortunately for both the listeners and the band, they have the talent to go with it. I look forward to seeing them again, and hearing whatever else they come out with in the next months/years. Listen to Red9, give them so love and do yourself a favor: check them out, and support local music.

Thanks for the music, Red9. - MusicInPress

"Slash’s Fans See Red…9"

It was raining outside the Wiltern Theater on a cold Sunday night in December – hardly the time or place for rock n’ rollers to be forming a line, wrapping around the block like a river of black leather and long hair. But fall in line they did, awaiting entrance with excitement in their eyes and air guitars in their hands. Some folks had waited months for this, others their entire lives, but now they were all about to come face to face with rock legend Slash.

The fans that rounded the block that night had every reason to brave the rain and (more tragically) the inevitable Monday hangover; no one can argue that Slash is anything less than an excellent performer. He’s been the quintessential image of rock n’ roll royalty for twenty-five years. The man has a presence on stage that you can’t ignore, even when he hides against the cabinets and lets his front man have the floor. When he turns that guitar upright, he flips on the switch to your adrenaline, turning any moment into a reason to throw your hair around and lose yourself in an epic guitar solo. And best of all: he makes it seem easy, looking stoic, almost bored behind that mysterious shroud of hat and hair he’s been veiled in since he first won us over. He is the kind of artist any rocker would give up a Sunday night’s sleep for. But as the doors opened and they filed inside, most fans were unaware of the treat they would find in the earliest performance of the night.

I already knew going in that opening act Red9 was a must-see trio. I already owned their 2011 eponymous album, and the magazine had sung their praises earlier this summer. I had yet to witness the magic first hand, however, and truth be told, I was wary that this opening gig would be the best place to check them out. Not that I didn’t have faith in the boys, mind you; it’s simply that rockers are brutal to opening acts. If you’re not who they paid to see, they typically don’t give you the time of day (with the exception of, let’s say, music journalists on the lookout for new acts to promote). Nonetheless, I kept hope alive as Red9 took their first steps on the Wiltern stage.

Oh. My. God. This band blew me away. What’s more, I wasn’t alone – the whole theater, full of impatient Slash loyalists, was feeling their set. They started fast and strong, opening with “Monkey.” The song’s driving bassline got even the most skeptical heads bobbing despite themselves. Guitarist Paul Frislie worked his side of the stage with expert showmanship. Bassist/lead singer Jeff Lyons displayed his serious vocal chops as they moved from song to song, his voice sometimes sweet and clean cut as a doo-wop singer, then suddenly roaring with the gritty scream of a bona fide rock star. (His vocals, to give you some context, actually reminded me a little of Incubus’ Brandon Boyd, with a little bit more edge and a lot more beard.)

Red9 only played a four-song set, but they really left an impression. Drummer Gio Fuentes snapped photos of the crowd between songs, capturing the applause and smiles of the newfound fans below. Jeff was quick to thank everyone he could think of as the set wrapped up – Slash, the Wiltern, Guitar Center (who sponsored the contest that won Red9 this gig), even the road crew who’d been so helpful earlier that day. And finally, as they finished up the evening with “My Piece,” the huge sea of concertgoers actually raised their hands and clapped to the beat. I was delightfully surprised, and knew we’d found something special in Red9; no opening act I’ve seen has ever gotten a crowd to participate like that.

You check out any of Red9’s three albums on the band’s website, and make sure to catch them live one of these days! - MusicInPress

"Fresh new Hard Rock with Red9"

It was less than a week ago that I was treated to the music of Red9. They were chosen by Slash himself to open for him at his show at the Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles on December 2, 2012. They were great! I always love checking out the opening bands and I end up finding some of my favorite new music that way. Red9 is a Southern California rock trio. Just because there are only 3, does not mean they do not deliver a huge sound! These guys are a powerhouse of rock and adrenaline.

Red9 is Paul ‘Friz” Frislie on guitars, Giovanni ‘Gio” Fuentes and Jeff on bass and vocals. Together they create a true rock sound and I am hoping for a Bay Area show soon. I am going to need my Red9 Fix! They have a sound similar to Tool and a grungier Nine Inch Nails. Jeff on bass really captivates you with his exploding bass lines and his vocals. Paul just exudes energy while he is ripping out blazing riffs. Gio brings it all together with his sold heavy drumming. Together they create great rock and roll.

Go to the link to read the full interview: - Music Junkie Press

"Red9 rises in international contest"

It’s not every day that music industry heavy hitters like Fergie, Natasha Bedingfield, Grateful Dead legend Bob Weir, former MTV host Matt Pinfield and various other multiple award-winning artists, producers and industry executives zero in on judging unsigned music. Local rock trio Red9 currently has the attention of all of these judges and more as it enters the final round of the international John Lennon Songwriting Contest. [click link for more...] - Orange County Register

"Orange Pop: Red9 rises in international contest"

It’s not every day that music industry heavy hitters like Fergie, Natasha Bedingfield, Grateful Dead legend Bob Weir, former MTV host Matt Pinfield and various other multiple award-winning artists, producers and industry executives zero in on judging unsigned music. Local rock trio Red9 currently has the attention of all of these judges and more as it enters the final round of the international John Lennon Songwriting Contest.

The group’s track “All They Reign” has made it through two rounds in the rock category of the annual contest and the group has collected more than $8,000 in prizes, including studio equipment from brands like Roland, Boss, Audio-Technica, Gibson, Epiphone and Propellerhead.
The band was notified on May 1 that it would go up against artists in the 11 other genre categories for the Song of the Year award, which would score Red9 $20,000, an Avid prize pack, a mixer and pair of studio monitors from Mackie, plus a $1,000 scholarship to the Digital Media Academy.

“We found out we won the first round the day before the OC Music Awards in March,” vocalist and bassist Jeff Lyons says. “We knew we had no hope of winning anything at the awards based on the competition, so receiving that was awesome and made everything OK.”

Lyons, along with guitarist Paul Frislie and drummer Giovanni Fuentes, will find out if they’ve won in July.

Red9 also participated in the 2012 OC Music Awards’ best live band showcase series that began in January. Though the band didn’t make it to the finals – ultimately won by Huntington Beach heavy rock outfit Railroad to Alaska – Red9 was nominated for best rock (they lost to Thrice) as well as best music video for the track “Fanatico” (but Young the Giant’s “Cough Syrup” took home that prize).

“We were just happy to be nominated,” Lyons says. “Yeah, everyone says ‘it’s good to be nominated,’ but it really was for us. Our name is out there, someone recognized us and decided to put us in the competition … so we can’t really complain.”

Lyons met Frislie in 2005 after answering an online ad placed by a band in search of a drummer. The pair bonded over a mutual love of Alice in Chains, Nine Inch Nails, Soundgarden, Deftones and Filter. They played in a local group called Countershock, but after two years that lot disbanded and the duo started over.

They continued writing songs, achieving a personal breakthrough in 2008 when Lyons recorded some key vocal tracks and sent them to Frislie. It was decided from then on that Lyons would move from drums to bass and assume the role as lead vocalist.

“I was kind of happy about it,” Lyons recalls, “but I didn’t want to be tied to the mic stand for an entire show. We kept looking for a singer and we never found anybody, so I kept doing it and no one said to me, ‘Hey, you suck, so stop it.’”

Later that year they dubbed themselves Red9 (a somewhat obscure Star Wars reference) and released an EP, 1 of 9. After a year and a half of more writing and performances, the group finally secured a full-time drummer and Fuentes joined up during final sessions for its full-length debut, The Host. In November, Red9 issued a second, self-titled album, this time with all three members participating fully in the process.
“We batted around all kinds of title names and pulled words from lyrics and all of that, but this album really felt like our first album,” Lyons explains. “Gio was barely involved in the first album because he had just joined the band, so he didn’t have an opportunity to help in the writing; a lot of the songs were created in our first band. We reworked them but it was kind of like cleaning out the closet.”

The guys have managed to book gigs steadily – most recently, they were able to play shows at House of Blues Anaheim and on a couple occasions have been added as support for one of its influences, Filter, including at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano.

“That show was cool because they hung around afterwards and we got - Kelli Skye Fadroski, OC Register

""All They Reign" - 2011 Lennon Award Winner - Rock"

"All They Reign" wins in an online head-to-head vote against the Session I winner of the Grand Prize. RED9 moves on to the final round where they are up for a $20,000 prize. - John Lennon Songwriting Contest

""All They Reign" - Grand Prize winner for Best Rock Song"

"All They Reign" wins the Grand Prize in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest for Best Rock Song. - John Lennon Songwriting Contest

""All They Reign" - Grand Prize winner for Best Rock Song"

"All They Reign" wins the Grand Prize in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest for Best Rock Song. - John Lennon Songwriting Contest

"2012 OC Music Awards Showcase Series Night 5 Review"

Although the audience was sparse when Red9 played, the band played well, almost too well, like old professionals who were using the stage at Tiki Bar as an interactive practice space.

One word that was used to describe Red9 over and over all night: Hardcore. Not hard in the sense that they were screaming, acting crazy, or tearing shit up, but just a consistent, impenetrable wall of sound.

Heavy Alice in Chains-style riffing, bone-crushing Tool-esque rhythms, andthe kind of visceral art-rock one comes to expect from some of the greatest alternative rock bands. - KROQ - Nadia Noir

"Variety is the Spice of Life for the OCMA’s Fifth Night"

The night’s opening band, Red9, is the perfect companion for anyone whose tendencies lean toward letting go and rocking out. This hard rock trio’s sound is remarkably like the Minutes to Midnight Linkin Park (whom everyone knows is different from every other Linkin Park), with heavy instrumentals paired with smooth vocals. Now, don’t misunderstand me here. Lead singer Jeff Lyons’ vocals are strong, but the rich tones of his naturally gifted voice make for a sweeter listening experience. Red9 plays on this balance with skill comparable to the pros, making them serious contenders in the Best Live Band category. - Chantel Donnan, Music in Press

"Slime Kings, Red9, Death Hymn #9, Snakebit Drifters and Railroad to Alaska at Night Five of the OC Music Awards Showcase - Tiki Bar"

Kicking the evening off was neo-grunge band Red9. The thing that came across was this band's attention to its gear, notably bassist/singer Jeff Lyon's rig, which was reminiscent of the sound rendered by the band Tool. Lyons demonstrated his talent playing complex bass lines while singing. - Brandon Ferguson - OC Weekly

"OC Music Awards 2012: Red9 Cause Hysteria With Hard Alternative Rock"

“For me, there’s an honest energy to it…There’s emotion. When I listen to the vocals and how it’s presented, I feel like the singer is really telling me something, is trying to reach me, is not trying to mince words. I feel like their right there, in the room and telling me something. I need to listen and I do. And I listen,” said Jeff Lyons, bassist and lead vocalist of Orange County hard alternative rock trio, Red9.

I asked him probably one of the most difficult questions to ask a rock musician: how do you define rock ‘n roll?

These days, the definition of rock vacillates greatly. Indie rock is so vastly different from progressive rock; hard-edged guitar-driven alt-rock is so different from “Americana.” But when most people think of rock music, Red9 could be dubbed as a quintessential “rock” band.

Read more: OC Music Awards 2012: Red9 Cause Hysteria With Hard Alternative Rock - KROQ - Nadia Noir

"100 Proof headlines Anaheim House of Blues (RED9 Live Review)"

Previous to 100 Proof performing their headline set, three other LA and OC based bands graced the House of Blues stage. Red9, KaVaN, and The Chimpz each performed their own Rock infused sets to the delight of the masses packing the floor and lower level of the venue. Each band thanked and acknowledged promoters and show presenters Gig Boss and Bombastic Entertainment who played vital roles in bringing all of the bands together and making the show happen.

OC based Red9 opened the show with a 30 minute set of originals and one cover. The three piece, fronted by bassist Jeff Lyons, started the night by drawing the crowd away from the bar to the floor, as any good opening band is challenged to do. They reminded me a bit of a more up-tempo Kings X with some Foo Fighters mixed in. Most three piece Rock bands, especially those fronted by their bass player, get compared to the iconic Canadian super group Rush, but I wouldn’t make the same comparison with Red9. They’re harder, more modern hard rock, and less Prog influenced…at least that’s what I witnessed during their live set. All three members were skilled musicians and every song they performed was melodically rich and all Rock. In those ways they compare to both Rush and Kings X. - Riverside Examiner

"2012 Orange County Music Award Nominations"

RED9 are nominated for Best Live Band, Best Rock Artist, and Best Music Video ("Fanatico") by the Orange Country Music Awards. - OC Music Awards

"RED9: Enjoying Every Moment"

A little over a year and half ago, Jeff Lyons (bass, vocals) and Paul Frislie (guitar, vocals) decided it was time to start a band of their own. Initially, the duo recorded a 3 song EP though a few months later, Giovanni Fuentes (drummer) joined the band and was the catalyst causing the band to record their first cd.

“One of goals right now is to continuously build our audience. It’s tough because we’re older…we just want to write good music and take some mini-tours out-of-state,” says Paul.

Paul, Jeff, and Gio have played in numerous other bands, though it wasn’t until Red9 that they all agreed it was a happy marriage. The majority of bands range from four to five members, but Red9 only has three. “We’re more creative as three, five is way too much,” says Paul.

How many bands can say their music is on Rock Band? For any band, this is a big achievement. Big boys like Metallica and The Beatles are on Rock Band but who would think a small local Orange County band would also have a couple of their songs featured. The songs available are on Rock Band 2 , Last Mistake and Real Love. “We can play it for real but we can’t play it on Rock Band,” laughs Gio.

When asked how this band is different, Jeff replied, “I’ve always tried to write songs that anyone can listen to but yet a musician would listen to and go ‘yeh,’” says Jeff. Paul add, “From one thing to the next, our stuff doesn’t sound the same…it’s different but we carry out the same vibe.”

At the end of the day, this is a group of guys trying to make good, authentic music. Fame and fortune are not on the top of their list, performing is number one. “The biggest example was The Galaxy show…we were the first band and no one cares about the first band. We walked on stage, no one gives us an applause but the by the time of the end of our set, the place was going nuts,” says Paul.

Not only are these guys humble, but they’re accomplished. Honestly, this band is completely drama-free. Red9 is about making music and enjoying every moment. They’re not about the glitz and glamour; their enthusiasm stems from their passion of performing. They like to have a good time and hang out with their fans. At shows, they even give away their cds for free.
- OC Music Magazine

"New Music Critique"

If Red9 is aiming for a rawboned/ lo-fi, DIY, '90s grunge-metal feel (Korn, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains), they're real close. All they'd need is to bring the vocals up front a bit. The muscle-bound riffage of "Adios" got our attention, with the "oooo's" backup vocals adding a nice softening effect. Audioslave came to mind when we heard "Pedophile." And "Last Mistake" has a solid verse/chorus format with strong highs in the vocals. - Music Connection Magazine

"HMX RBN Picks VII - RED9"

I like to think I keep up on music - that I have some modicum of knowledge of the up and coming bands, so I don't become that crotchety old man yellin' at the kids to turn down all their scritchy scratch "music." More and more, RBN is schooling my old butt. Once again, I had no knowledge of Red9 prior to playing this song. They've got a new fan now... that is, if they'll take this crotchety old fart. Really killer song that is a blast to listen to and just as equally fun to play. If you're a fan of fast strumming and pounding drums, pick this baby up. You won't be sorry.
- Rockband Network Creators Blog

"Struggle, Escape Pervade Red 9’s Debut"

Red 9, an indie rock band from Southern California, adds another alternative/grunge album to the popular mixed genre’s list.

The band begins its album with a slow drumbeat in the first song “Adios.” While each song contains melancholy notes, this one evokes the most gloominess. Jeff Lyons, lead singer and bass player, sings, “I don’t ask why, I don’t ask what it means/It may not be as crazy as it seems/A line is drawn, a line is crossed/Are we gonna dig another grave?”

Listeners will immediately assume that the album’s theme is personal battle. The next song, “Pedophile,” may refer to a real life struggle. The lyrics and Lyons’s voice hold the listener’s attention as he sings, “I was not born afraid/You made me that way/With what you’ve said and what you’ve done/It never seems to fade.”

A creative and standout song, “Facedown,” progresses in layers, first with low guitar, bass and vocal notes that sound almost eerie. Then at the chorus, the singer belts out, “Just tell me one thing/Will you take it face down/Will you beg for it now?/‘Cause I want to know.”

The music progresses halfway through the song from grunge to alternative via Paul Frislie’s bright guitar strums.

After the rich and carefree guitar notes in “Facedown,” the skillful guitar strums, synthesizer sounds and lyrics in “Last Mistake” will likely make listeners feel like they are suffocating. A verse says, “A welcome disease/Force me on my knees/In deeper, now I feel the squeeze/I need to scream out/While drowning in doubt.”

The drummer, Giovanni Fuentes, shines with amazing skills in “So It Ends.” The fast movements seem to paint the lyrics’ description of a figurative fight with “punishment all around.”

Grunge fans are sure to enjoy “The Host.” Those who like alternative rock will eventually learn to like this album, as the songs are easier to adjust to after some time. Overall, Red 9 produced a decent debut. - The Daily 49er, CSULB


Patience was the watchword in finding just the right line-up of talent for RED9, a Rock|Alternative band from Orange County, California. A listen to their new CD, "The Host," is evidence their diligence has paid off. -

"California power trio RED9 comes to RBN with two songs!"

If you’re a fan of melodic yet harder-edged alternative rock, time to listen up! SoCal-based power trio RED9 is coming to the Rock Band Network with a pair of songs sure to please.

The roots of the band took hold in 2005, when the core members Jeff Lyons and Paul Frislie first connected and began performing together. After years of touring, jamming, and auditioning for permanent members, they finally welcomed the drummer Giovanni Fuentes into the fold. 2009 saw the release of their debut EP, “1 of 9?, which featured their single “Real Love”, as well as their first full length, “The Host”, containing the blistering “Last Mistake”.

We’re proud to be working with them to bring both “Real Love” and “Last Mistake” to the Rock Band Network platform later this year. You can connect up with them on Facebook”, Twitter, their website, or listen to their tunes on MySpace.
- Rockgamer Studios


Still working on that hot first release.



Recent Awards:
2013 Orange County Music Awards Nominee - Rock
2012 Guitar Center On-Stage Winner w/ Slash (LA Wiltern December 2, 2012)
2012 Orange County Music Awards Nominee - Rock
2012 Orange County Music Awards Nominee - Live Band
2012 Orange County Music Awards Nominee - Music Video (Fanatico)
2011 John Lennon Songwriting Session II Grand Prize Winner - All They Reign
2011 John Lennon Songwriting Lennon Award Winner - All They Reign

Opened for the following national acts:
Slash and The Conspirators
The Toadies
Foxy Shazam
Girl on Fire
The 88

Most bands are happy to beg, borrow, and steal from their influences and call it a day. RED9 prefers to rip their influences apart, grind them up into a thick paste, add a bit of individuality to taste, and scoop it right into your ears.

Critics and reviewers agree that no one knows what RED9 is exactly. Is it rock? Hard rock? Progressive rock? Alternative rock? Metal? Handsome? Sweet and sassy? No one has arrived at a singular conclusion. However, it's not hard to hear where this higher form of musical magic comes from with influences like Alice In Chains, Filter, Soundgarden, Nine Inch Nails, Muse, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, candy, dark beer, and radial tires.

The story begins in 2007. Jeff Lyons and Paul Frislie, who had been playing together in another band for 2 years prior, decided separately it was time to move on. When this shared sentiment came to light, it was immediately decided that something new should rise from the ashes. Jeff switched from drums to bass. Paul changed his clothes. And together they began a quest to find other musicians who were not lame. A quest that would test their resolve and their patience.

As the search progressed for a singer and drummer, Jeff discovered that the angels had blessed him with what can only be described as "an adequate voice". Having discovered this great gift, the search was narrowed to find a new Stick Master. Meanwhile, the catalog of new material was building and aching to be set free.

In 2009, they couldn't hold it in any longer and RED9 released an EP entitled "1 of 9", with Jeff covering not only bass and vocals, but the drums as well. Shortly thereafter, an email was received from a place they did not expect. From the Realm of Riverside came Giovanni Fuentes. The timing was most fortunate as the band was in the midst of putting together it's first full-length album, "The Host". Three months after "1 of 9" was released, "The Host" was revealed to all who would listen. Songs like "Last Mistake" and "Adios" gave early hints as to what was to come from this powerhouse trio.

After many, many shows around the Orange County and Los Angeles area, it was time to expel yet another staggering collection of melodious etudes. In 2011, RED9 released their second full-length effort, simply titled "RED9." The increase in response compared to its previous efforts was exponential, garnering the band several nominations and awards. The list includes several Orange County Music Award nominations (Best Rock (x2), Best Live Band, Best Video-"Fanatico"), top honors in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest - Rock category ("All They Reign"), and being hand-picked for an onstage appearance with Slash at The Wiltern in Los Angeles by the man himself.

The story continues into 2013 as RED9 releases it's third album entitled "Under Dark Skies." Ten brand new tracks that are sure to propel the band into even greater uncharted territories. Their history of entirely self-produced releases remains intact with this latest effort. The album was written and recorded using only the life force provided by the three members of the band.

RED9 have a heaping spoonful of something a little different. When your ears are ready.

Band Members