Red Blanket

Red Blanket


Funky Thrash delivered at high speeds that will groove on your face like a free moustache ride. Minus the yelling and screaming.


A fast paced, abstract excursion through the styles of progressive thrash, skronky jazz, and epic soundscapes. All done at a mile-a-minute. Red Blanket plays with sheer aggression, passion and grace. With no vocalist, each instrument sings on its own; clever duel guitar leads and riffing, intelligent bass lines with luscious tones and tribal-dub reggae infused punk rock drumming. Red Blanket writes their music with a forward thinking frame of mind, in the vein of Refused, Tool, Dillinger Escape Plan and The Mars Volta.

Red Blanket released its debut CD "A Southern Manitoban Murder of Crows" on C12 records on October 3/2006 and has pounded out a few tours of eastern and western Canada with plans of world domination in the near future.


Debut Full-length "A Southern Manitoban Murder of Crows" released in 2006. Recorded in the Winnipeg with the slickster himself Brandon Friesen.

Demo E.P. Released 2004

Set List

We can play anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour and bust some balls doing it.