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red book audio


"You read it here first: by the end of next year Red Book Audio will be the indie success story of Austin. Aurally hypnotic, mischievously melodic, the band surpasses the mere craft of writing songs to create sculptures out of sound." -Austin Music Magazine


"The group recalls the late night mellow guitar waves of The Six Parts Seven, or even the American Analogue Set. But when they add their harmonizing vocals, a beautiful indie-rock vibe emerges with shades of evan a Vetiver-esque folk. The mixed in sampling contributes to the other-worldly feel of the songs while also inserting interesting twists into the soothing sway of the tunes. Their name works as an appropriate moniker for the aurally colorful sensations that the tones of their music evoke." - Austin Sound

Red Book Audio was born from the life-long relationships of four Great Plains sons. Driven by passion and armed with a mind for media, the members of RBA converge their unique individual styles to form a singular vision of musical exaltation.

Since the "audio heads" original conception in 2004, the band has sustained the adversity of relocation and lost members to find itself anew in Austin. What lingers through these character building years is now the defining strength at the core of Red Book Audio's music. This deeply common perspective gives way to creation, community and the experiment that is Red Book Audio.


Shame is for those...

Written By: Red Book Audio

The sun did rise
from east as always
First through the hills
as on most days

The family awoke
in a soft turn
The first words they spoke
tell this tale
You follow too close
It seems this brood
lived too nearly
To spread their roots
far and wide

Again they spoke
to tell this tale
These words they say
carry always
Shame is for those
without passions
Afraid to be human
Being forgotten

Fathers to sons say
Elders to young say
Truth can't be gotten
Shoulder your own blame

Fathers to sons say
Elders to young say
Take what we've taught and
now make your own way
You Follow too close
You must make this your own
Make this your own
The sun did set
off in the west
This day different
from the rest


Self Titled EP

Set List

Red Book Audio plays entirely original music. Their sets range from the hour long rock set to 3 hour improv lounge/groove sets.