Red Cadet

Red Cadet


ENERGY EMOTION FUN.......Red Cadet is known for their high energy live show that gets people dancing. Inspired by 80's pop Red Cadet is bringing the fun back into music with sing along choruses and a kick drum that will get you moving.


RED CADET is an energetic two-piece American indie/pop band based from St. Louis, Missouri. Formed back in 2010 by Matthew Collins (vocals,guitar, keyboard,bass) and Tim Finch (drums,loops) and released their first full length Lp, American Accomplishment in March of 2013, staying true to 80's inspired pop, a love for string arrangements and dance beats. Currently the song, "Signal fire" is featured in Escaping westlawn demo reel.


2013 March: American Accomplishment
Digital release iTunes

Set List

Abilene Dinner
Strength in Numbers
Self will run riot
Signal Fire
American Accomplishment
Rhymes and Reasons
Selfish ways
sweet addiction
Never kiss Never Tell
the Underdog
Emotional Event