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""pure musical enjoyment""

“They take witty lyrics, energetic music, and melodic vocals and make a concoction that’s pure musical enjoyment.” - Calvin (Dewey) Williams III, Music Director, WMHW Modern Rock 91.5 Michigan

""the best new voice within the music industry""

“Red Carpet Rats are the best new voice within the music industry. Uni is a great mixture of Chris Cornell and Ben Hurley. This band totally rocks!!!” - Chad Eddinger, General Manager, 91.1 FM WBUQ Pennsylvania

""heavy rotation""

“The song 'Photographic Memory' has been in heavy rotation since we got it. The only reason that the song has not been played on commercial stations is because the Red Carpet Rats are not on a major label...Commercial stations need to realize that an artist does not have to be on a major label to be good.” - Brad Denney, Music Director, KWCR-FM 88.1 Utah

""their music has an ageless quality""

“Red Carpet Rats are melody pounding rocksters who could be compared to U2 . . . their music has an ageless quality that will keep their music spinning constantly because it never gets old.” - Jonathan Lehmann, Station Manager, WPNR 90.7 New York

""what upcoming bands should strive to create”"

“ . . . obvious ambition, a principle held up by sharp lyrics, memorable riffs and unparalleled style . . a prime example of what upcoming bands should strive to create.” - Richie Frieman, President, PensEyeView Magazine

""Yes, they are that good!”"

“You can put RCR in a time capsule and bury it...then dig it up in the year 2020...and the music would still be a hit! Yes, they are that good!” - Randall B. Jones COO / Editorial Director, Nine5Four The Magazine

"“They definitely ROCK!""

“They definitely ROCK! Our listeners in 40 countries and 138 U.S. Cities rate our tunes, and Red Carpet Rats continue to be one of our highest rated independent artists!” - AC Stewart, Programme Director, Spiderwebradio,

"“RCR is pop rock at its finest!""

“RCR is pop rock at its finest! Top-notch lyrics. Infectious melodies. Harmonies for days. To say I'm a fan is an understatement. Big R Radio's find of the year!” - Mike Johnson, Executive Program Director, 100.8 'The Hawk', Big R Radio

""promises to knock your socks off”"

“A burst of rock energy, melody, and intelligence that promises to knock your socks off!” - Brad Westmar, The Wild Wild Westmar Show, KCHost Radio Network, Missouri

""Red Carpet Rats are set to explode""

Red Carpet Rats are set to explode soon and we want to be the first to bring that news to you. Everybody is extremely excited about their debut single "Photograohic Memory" that is set to hit radio in the coming weeks and months. Their indie label Chauffeur Records is doing everything right including a premiere showcase of the band at The Roxy Theatre in Hollywood, CA. Our NMW cameras will be there to catch all the action that we will share with you in our next issue. - Paul Loggins, New Music Weekly

""Undeniable talent, solid performance and catchy tunes""

Red Carpet Rats deliver hooky powerpop and a cool vibe in their music that is not easy to find on the radio or anywhere these days. Undeniable talent, solid performance and catchy tunes make them a band to watch! - Tom Beggs, Producer, Split TV, Thr Future Of Music Television

""in the fast lane of music's super highway""

A catchy hook-driven power pop sound along with witty song lyrics put the Red Carpet Rats music in the fast lane of music's super highway. - C.W. Ross, Senior Writer,

"Red Carpet Rats Testing Different Waters"

Nashville-based rock band, Red Carpet Rats (RCR), prove their sound has no boundaries by releasing two new singles to two different radio formats.

Their memorable debut release titled "Photographic Memory" is heating up the airwaves of Adult Contemporary (AC) and Adult Album Alternative (AAA) stations. Hooking listeners with its up-tempo sound and witty lyrics, the song was a sure success.

While AC and AAA stations latched on to "Photographic Memory," rock programmers seemed to prefer the single's "b-side." So the follow up track called "Going To Hell" was released to rock radio soon after "Photographic Memory" debuted. Having a harder, darker connotation, the song was perfect for rock formats. Independent horror film director George Demick immediately took a liking to the song and re-cut a scene in his upcoming release "Dead Start" so that "Going To Hell" could be featured in his film.

Program Directors nationwide are realizing RCR is more than your average pop rock band. Jonathon Lehmann from WPNR says, "Red Carpet Rats are melody pounding rock stars who could be compared to U2... their music has an ageless quality that will keep their music spinning constantly because it never gets old."
RCR has executives everywhere taking a second look. Richie Frieman from PensEyeView Magazine states, "This band is more than the latest rock-pop group to hit the circuit. They are here with obvious ambition, a principle held up by sharp lyrics, memorable riffs and unparalleled style... a prime example of what upcoming bands should strive to create."

Their new album "Year of the Rat" on Chauffeur Records will be released in the fall. "Photographic Memory" is currently being featured on All Access' 'Cool New Music' Chart and has been added by internet upstart, trueAnthem (which yielded a sponsorship with Old Navy) and is available at Hot Topic locations and on TouchTunes digital jukeboxes nationwide. The EP can also be found on iTunes, Rhapsody and Amazon. They are one of Airplay Direct's spotlight artists and will be highlighted in New Music Weekly's independent artist issue. For more information on this talented band, please visit -

"The Year Of The Rat: "Great Rock CD""

The hard working Nashville foursome deliver a high energy 12 song album titled The Year Of The Rat produced by band guitarist McCabe. This hard driving pop rock collection includes party anthem "Going To Hell" with the first track and also includes the hit singles "Photographic Memory" and "Written In The Scars." This is a great rock CD with an alternative edge to it. These guys have a good tight sound with harmonies to match! This CD is very worthy of airplay. - Nashville Music Guide


EP - Rug Burns - 2009
CD - The Year Of The Rat - T.B.A. 2010

Tracks Receiving Mainstream/College/Internet Airplay

I'll Live
Creeping In
Written In The Scars
Hard Living
Photographic Memory



Red Carpet Rats are undoubtedly one of the music industry’s hardest working up-and-coming bands. This Nashville-based four man rock collective not only wrote every song on their radio-friendly debut release, “The Year of the Rat,” they also produced it, initiated a digital marketing campaign, and formed their own label, Chauffeur Records, to oversee it all.

The Red Carpet Rats story began taking shape when singer Uni Pereira placed an ad in a northeastern music magazine looking for a “guitar player who can sing harmony.” McCabe, who had a development deal with a recording studio near Boston, responded to the ad and they clicked instantly. Agreeing on the importance of well-crafted songs, the two began to make regular trips to Nashville to hone their writing skills. They soon opted to relocate and completed the line-up, with drummer Tige Bucchino, who had come from San Antonio with thoughts of being in a country band, and Doc Singles, who drove all the way from North Carolina to audition for the bass position. The band, who took their name from a piece of graffiti art, wasted no time creating edgy, gripping tunes with four-part harmonies and catchy pop melodies.

“Uni suggested that we all move in together, enabling us to get to know each other so well that we knew what to expect from one another. I figured it worked for Aerosmith, so why not,” explains McCabe. As well as co-writing all 12 songs on the album with Uni, he also handled production duties. The Bostonian has been playing guitar since he was only three years old and performed his first paying gig at nine. “My dad was a DJ and I knew every song in his collection, and actually wrote my first song at five. But I was drawn to melodies. I didn’t really pay attention to lyrics.”

For frontman Uni Pereira, who is driven to be the consummate showman, the opposite is true. “I was about 7 or 8 when I started writing down little poems, or lyrics, as it were. Just writing about the standard stuff for a kid that age . . . friends, playing games, getting into trouble. Ya’ know, throw in a bit about girls and it’s close to the same things I write about now!” A published writer who has worked as a DJ for a U.K. based radio station, Uni is also somewhat of a scholar of popular music history, stating, “If there’s a music biography or documentary out there on a legendary band or singer, I’ve probably checked it out . . . twice!” He and McCabe have also recently secured a deal writing for Universal Music Group’s Master Source music catalog, the industry's leading provider of original music for film, TV, and multimedia.

Although he hides it well, Doc Singles, is RCR’s resident geek. The classically trained bassist has a degree in laser and electro-optics. Doc has also been busy collaborating with Uni to develop and prepare a Red Carpet Rats comic book series to be published by Viper Comics. “I never dreamed I’d get the opportunity to mesh my interests of music and comic books, and quite frankly, didn’t know I had it in me,” he states.

Tige Bucchino is the craftsman. “I’m big on building things,” he says. “Over time, I’ve constructed studios, consoles, staging, and anything else RCR has needed. I like to think I bring the technical proficiency of a craftsman to my drumming for the band, while most importantly, just playing whatever the particular song needs.”

“We really kept everything in-house, you might say,” explains Uni. “McCabe and I wrote all the songs together on a laptop right in my bedroom. I handled the lyrics and he supplied the melodies. Then we worked out the arrangements and rehearsed it with the whole band in the living room until we felt all the elements were there.”

They knew they were ahead of the game when they released five songs on their “Rug Burns” E.P. and received stellar reviews with airplay on over 80 college radio and internet stations, as early versions of “Photographic Memory,” “Creeping In,” and “Written in the Scars” all reached #1 on However, the culmination of their hard work was their first full-length CD, “The Year of the Rat” which was mixed by Grammy-winning engineer Kevin Beamish (Elton John, Henry Rollins), and mastered by Randy LeRoy (Relient K).

“Ultimately we were disappointed with much of what we heard from many of the major label executives we met with in that we were looking for more of a partner than an employer. So McCabe and I decided to start our own label to release the record, ultimately leading to signing with UMG’s Fontana Distribution,” Uni states. “The fundamentals of running a business are universal,” adds McCabe. “So we took the reins and built this whole operation from the ground up, making Chauffeur Records a full service independent record label.”

“Chauffeur Records is doing everything right,” according to New Music Weekly magazine. And Red Carpet Rats has proven that their sound has no boundaries, with two new singles charting on two different radio forma