Portland, Oregon, USA

If Hellogoodbye and JET and The Format had a jam session in your garage, it'd sound like this.


"While the cool kids were listening to Nirvana, we were jamming with our dad's old Monkees records" says Seth, one of three brothers that make up this fresh-faced Portland trio. From Redcast's formation, Seth, Jarrod, and Darren Brock have been decidedly optimistic, their sugar-coated approach to indie rock-and-roll garnering frequent comparisons to everyone from The Kinks to The Kooks. "Our taste in music was always a little different than the other kids', so it made sense that our approach to music would be different, too, and it might stand out."

Their first recording - dubbed The Redcast EP - was quietly released in late 2008. Within weeks of hitting the internet however, radio-friendly singles like "Soap" and "A Thought From You" made their way to the airwaves via 94.7 Alternative Portland.

Critics and label execs took note of the buzz as Redcast's fan base expanded beyond the Portland metro arena. Within weeks, Redcast was signed to a label in Seattle, WA with promises of a full-length record and a tour. "It was exactly what we'd always wanted", Seth recalls. "Yeah, we threw a party."

In 2009, the label re-released Redcast's previous effort under a new name, The Quarter Past EP, which charted on the iTunes Top 100 Alternative Albums within the first week. Despite the momentum, the following two years of inactivity led to Redcast's eventual split from the label. "We wrote a lot of good material, but the label was broke and we weren't even able to record it." In response to whether this experience discouraged them, "It was a valuable two years of hands-on experience in the industry! Let's just say we learned really quickly what we didn't want."

"In fact," he added, "I'm pretty sure we threw another party."

This Summer, as the Brock brothers prepare to release their very first full-length album Talent Show Runner-Ups, expectations are higher than ever. "We're so proud of [Talent Show Runner-Ups], we think it's a perfect introduction to who we are and what we're about." The album will be released online by 7/5 and in select stores by 8/2.


Brite Black Suit

Written By: Seth Brock

Spent half a fortune on a little bitty something to wear
And that’s ironic cuz you try to make it look like you just don’t care
So what’s the problem
Now you’ve got em
Where you want em
When the lights dim blue
There’s a thousand
Girls and guys
And that makes twice
As many eyes on you

Come a little closer now
I wanna get close to you
Take a little chance now
What have you got to lose
Come on let your hair down now
And I’ll be your excuse
Come a little closer now
Check out my brite black suit

It seems like good girls are just bad girls that have never been caught
I’m in your class I make you laugh I fail at math I think I’m clever but I’m not
What’s the problem
Now you’ve got em
Where you want em
When the lights dim blue
There’s a thousand
Girls and guys
And that makes twice
As many eyes on you


Written By: Seth Brock

I talked her down and we debated the appeal of ledges
As she chained through a pack of my Benson & Hedges
And a sneaky little seedling in a twisted mind
Said if you’re looking for love
You’re looking to waste your time

A thousand times I’ve told her that
She’s way too thin
Her brittle little bones keep me worrying
Someone else could come along
But no one else could hold my arm
The way that you do

Put it in a cardboard box with the empty frames
Destiny just screwed you up and over again
It’s like whoa-oh oh-oh oh
And if you’re playing hard to get
You’re overdoing it a bit

She said boy you’re ray of sun you’re a two-dollar bill
You’re a bullet in the chamber if your looks could kill
I know you said to stand, now I’m set to fall
I hate to break it to you babe you’re reaching for a falling star

I said everyone’s a mess I mean just look at us
It’s like people only read what’s on the side of the bus
I do believe there’s someone up there watching us
And it’s the least we can do to be a little entertaining you know

I’ll bet the world seems small when you’re on the wall
That you build from all your insecurities


The Redcast EP (2008)

The Quarter Past EP (2009)

Talent Show Runner-Ups (2011)

Set List

Rasmus Klump
My Beloved Monster (cover)
He Said She Said
Pumped-Up Kicks (cover)
Nikon Camera
Brite Black Suit
Boy With The Face
Free Fallin' (cover)
Baby, We're Golden