Red City Radio

Red City Radio


We've got the money honey if you've got the time! We promise a tight, high-energy show that will have the kids singing along to songs they don't even know.


We’re from Oklahoma City. Middle America. Just as far from the oceans as we are to foreign countries. Residing in a part of this country as renowned for the friendliness of its people as it is for the fervor with which they cheer their favorite football team. The rolling hills of the plains in small town America transitions to pristine lakes within urban landscapes, all seen through the changing lenses of four distinct seasons.

This is home. And it influences who we are as people as much as it does the music that keeps us sane. We’re simple people really. We laugh. We drink. We play music. We dream of better days while making the most of what we have. We hope for the spectacular while admiring the simple. We are the products of our own ambition and longing. And we know that these days are our days and that will never change.

The four of us have all fronted our own bands. We’ve all waxed poetic to the sound of a power chord in a smokey club. Thrown together three minutes of fury and rested on laurels unearned. What we have never been able to do until now was surround ourselves with people who took the craft of music and embraced it with the same excitement as the person who hears that first song that changed their life. We are four very different people with a singular agenda. We don’t want to be special. We want to be relevant.


To The Sons & Daughters of Woody Guthrie (The Independent Record Company) 2009

Midwestern Hymnals (The Independant Record Company) 2006. Six song split EP.

Set List

Sets usually clock in around 40 minutes but we can play longer or shorter if need be. No covers. Set list:

1. Where We're Going We Don't Need Roads
2. The Dangers of Standing Still
3. No One Believes In Moons & Goochers
4. Dead Friends Don't Pay Debts
5. If All Else Fails Play Dead
6. Too Much Whiskey, Not Enough Blankets
7. Meet Me At 50th & Western
8. Nathaniel Martinez
9. We Are The Sons of Woody Guthrie