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Redford, Michigan, United States | SELF

Redford, Michigan, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop R&B


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Although “1-800-ReVenge” drives slow down a well-worn path in today’s rap music, TreVar JaVrael a.k.a. LaZy iV brings up an interesting question: is it possible to wage war against the commercial aspect of the genre without becoming that which you claim to despise? A native of Detroit, Michigan, his latest single is the first taste from the third installment of his Holy Smoke series. Rhythmically reminiscent of Lil Wayne’s “A Milli,” a bottomless pit of bass knocks a hole through the speaker for LaZy to rush through, firing off bars at tongue-twisting speed. A series of touchtone dials are reconstructed as the main melody, assisted by repetitive disconnection effects, metallic claps for snare hits, and cut-up sound bites from a phone operator.

Describing himself as “hip-hop’s savior in a skully, hoody, jeans and some Gators,” LaZy iV’s lyrical speed and tone are designed to energize the listener, to get them amped, off their feet, and willing to enroll in his “UniVARcity.” Hip-hop itself dials the hotline during the last verse, calling upon LaZy to “lead and make us better.” LaZy answers the call with energy to spare, but substance in sporadic spurts. The lyrics rely far more on arrogance than authenticity and are the equivalent of taunts yelled from the sideline by the opposing team in an attempt to psych out the competition.

While LaZy’s self-made goal to save hip-hop is appreciated, one can’t help but notice how much this single structurally falls in line with most of the commercial industry’s output. Perhaps it is possible to wear the beats and rhymes of your nemesis and carry out sonic retribution from within, to stun rap fans with a rhythm that demands you bang your head and then coax the listeners to free their minds with independently produced fire. It remains to be seen whether “1-800-ReVenge” can be the spark that ignites such a revolution, but God bless TreVar JaVrael for trying.

Review by Jason Randall Smith - Jason Randall Smith


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