Red Dahlia

Red Dahlia


Music that is sexually charged, slightly apologetic yet bitter like a scorned lover.


Red Dahlia plays music that is sexually charged, slightly apologetic and yet bitter like a scorned lover. Fronted by Indy rock damsel, Jodi Toledo, the band blends raunchy pop with underground indy rock and sultry vocals.

Red Dahlia was born in the college town of Athens, Ohio in 2005 and has been touring to support their self-titled debut album while finishing up their sophomore effort.

Red Dahlia’s stage show has been described as a ‘Therapy Hour’ while watching the emotions of the band members laid out for the audience to witness and embrace. The band’s inner workings resemble that of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Behind The Music’ thus giving the music all the great things it requires: Angst, lust, passion, envy, greed and regret. Prozac will be given out after each show…


EP- Self-Titled: Red Dahlia 2005 Lemonhouse Collective Records, Columbus.

Track availible at:, www.myspace/reddahilia and at radio stations: CD 101, Columbus, OH; 99.7 The Blitz, Columbus, OH and The ACRN, Athens, OH.

Set List

Set lists (all original with sound clips and loops b/w songs). Most sets are b/w 35-45 minutes.

1. Burry Me
2. Kill Joy (on
3. Needs Not Wants (on EPK)
4. Cold Blue (on
5. Cellar Door
6. Forget I said That (on
7. High School (on EPK)
8. Masquerade (on EPK)
9. Darker Than This