The Redding Brothers

The Redding Brothers

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

The Redding Brothers are out to prove that Rock & Roll Can Save The World. In one year, the band released 53 songs, toured the Middle East, and perfected a surround sound concert for college students everywhere.


The Redding Brothers are a 3-piece independent rock band out to prove that Rock & Roll Can Save The World.

With acoustic guitar, a dramatic energy, and scruffy, intelligent lyrics -
the band has delved into their 90s rock roots, fused them with a classic rock sensibility
and created a style of music that will make you believe.

The band wrote, recorded, and released 53 songs in one year, toured the Middle East from Afghanistan to Kuwait, and perfected a surround sound concert that was performed for college students from all over the US.

They've shared the stage with KC & The Sunshine Band, Jason Mraz, Sister Hazel, and Joan Jett - they've released 2 full-length albums so far- and their newest single, "Feel", is a melancholy self-empowering anthem that has audiences chanting and pumping their fists everywhere.


Send Me a Line

Written By: Micah Redding

We headed out together into the endless night
Heedless of any weather, Looking for someplace new
We'll find a place that's better, Where we'll be endlessly
We left our lamps burning out in the streets

We left the fire glowing, We left the doors open
We left the drapes pulled, Turned on the pilot light
We left the phone ringing, We left the kettle singing
Lit a match and watched the flames lick the sky

[Send me a line, fill it with time and
You want to go home, but you're feeling alone
Lost in your mind, one step behind and
You want to go home, but you're feeling alone]

Another turning point, another reason why
Lost somewhere inside myself I find myself behind the lines
Another big mistake, another road to take
Somewhere someone's never going to find me


We headed cross the ocean into the shadow-land
So many faces here I can't recall which one I am
We never compromised, Lived for the moment then
We left the world just shaking with indifference
We broke the sacred windows stained by holy fights
A silhouette of wonder tracing through the sky
We broke the bricks open, opened the brick ovens
The smell of grave-clothes burning in the Summer night


Searching for Love

Written By: Micah Redding

Stuck in the middle of my self-pity, I've been searching for the long way home
Talking myself into trouble, Just can't seem to find enough on my own
That's the way life is, that's the way it seems
Heaven knows I know I've been pulling at the strings
I've been searching so hard, I've been searching this town
I've been working my way down

[I've been searching for love, sweet love
I know that at the end of the love
I've been searching for love, sweet love
I know I'm going to find my way
I've been searching for love today]

Stuck in the middle of night I'm calling, Collect calls on a one-way phone
Rattle of change keeps falling, Tried every single number I've ever known
That's the way life is, that's way it feels
Just like everyone else, I've been spinning my wheels
Watching and waiting as we become a crowd
Waiting just to hear them shout


On the outside staring at the sky, My watch counts down as the stars tick by
Does anyone care, does anyone smile, Does heaven see me walk these miles?
There I go again, question all my friends
Bring it down around myself in the end
I've been working my way to those pearly gates
I think I just heard heaven say


Written By: Micah Redding

Didn't save my mind for you, didn't save my body
Though I whispered in your room you're my one and only
I've been broke so many times all the cracks run through me
I was searching for you then, I just wandered from it

But I've got one gift to give, one last box to open here
One last thing no one can take away
And I have saved it all for you
And I have saved it all for you

I will save my tears for you, locked up deep inside my room
In a secret place you'll find, even I can never lose
I will save my tears for you, all I've got left inside me
Broken walls and broken doors
No one else can ever be

Showed up dirty at your door like a drunken beggar
You took me in and washed my wounds, it only made them deeper
Nameless faces in a crowd of the ones who weren't you
Took the gifts I had to give, left their imprint on me
But I've got one last deepest place, it wasn't all for nothing
I've kept your broken dream and flower vase
And I have saved one last for you
And I have saved one last for you

You thought I gave it all away...
But I've got one last left for you

Lofty Places

Written By: Gabriel Redding

(Verse 1)
You put me up in lofty places, say/
command disunity/
erstwhile you searched for cession of your enmity.
You put me up in lofty places, say/
leave everything to me/
just 'cause you can give commands don't mean you can lead.

And I won't ever kneel/
I won't ever fight/
I won't ever heed/
and I won't ever run, I won't ever run.

(Verse 2)
You put me up in lofty places, say/
Curses the way you feel/
just deal with what you're told to and you'll upset nil.
You put me up in lofty places, say/
you must give in to me/
Forget your love, hope, morals, and your dignity.


(Verse 3)
You put me up in lofty places, say/
You won't give in and yet/
I feel your weakness coming, it's at the door at best.
You put me up in lofty places, say/
you have mistaken me/
I am the stone foundation, you're not moving me!

(Chorus) X2

I won't ever run! I won't ever run! You know that!
I won't ever run!


Written By: Gabriel Redding

Hello butterfly in my dream. Leave her alone you said, take it from me. Hold me back, my mind just screams. Help me butterfly, come to me.

(Verse 1)
I've got my very own, personal goddess in my head. Sometimes I tell me, I'm misled. Why's it so hard to catch you whn you're not running?


(Verse 2)
Delusion sets in as she walks past again. She talks to me, ever happy 'til the end. Go on smile away your life like you don't see me.


Smiling beauty queen. Everyone thinks she's so pretty. Look at me naive, thinking wit would bring her to me.

(Chorus) X2


Written By: Micah Redding

Hold me fast and let me stand
While the water makes its plans
Over hills and mountains tall
Washes them it covers all
Tears down mountains, cliffs, and hills
Tries for me but it never will
Look at me I'll never stay
Reach the oceanside someday

[Find my heart a river, let me live forever
By walls of solid stone, the only thing I've known]

Stand my ground I'll never change
Let the ground beneath me wash away
Hold my head back as I sit back and fade
Into the tapestry
Well it cuts through walls of solid stone
And I stand by as it washes on
Never gonna move me, never gonna take my place
Let the water have its way!

Broken dreams and solid glass
Forged of sand and recklessness
Sweeps away the emptiness
Broken lies on solid ground
So build your life on stone by stone
But you won't build your life alone
When the foundation's gone
Gonna walk through walls of solid stone!

Everyone trying to break me down
No one thinks I'll stand my ground
Hold onto the walls of stone
Nothing's as firm as my resolve
Hold my heart and make my way
Try to tear myself away
Tear myself away from here
Even the grave's afraid of fear...


2010 - The Origin Of Consciousness - LP (upcoming)

2007 - The Physics of Immortality - LP
--Send Me a Line
--Searching for Love
--Lofty Places
--Reaching Out a Hand
--Coming Round
--Of The Sun

2006 - Oakwood - Limited-Release Single

2005 - SNOW - Limited-Release Christmas EP
--Carol of the Bells
--God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
--Lord of Winter
--Summer Girl Snow
--Winter in F#m

2005 - Wisdom from the Green Shag Carpet - LP
--Throwing Stones
--Abbey Road
--Soul Slip Away
--Child of Yesterday
--Mister Rogers (Neighborhood)
--Polar Bear Song

2004 - 2-Disc Special Edition Set
--Abbey Road
--Long Cold Life
--Be There
--Mr Rogers
--Close Your Eyes
--All The Same
--Insomniac's Lullaby (Jimmy)
--Last Drop

2004 - Sneak Peek - EP
--Abbey Road
--Long Cold Life
--Be There

2003 - Rough Draft - EP
--Mr Rogers
--Close Your Eyes
--All The Same
--Insomniac's Lullaby (Jimmy)
--Last Drop

Set List

The Redding Brothers can perform up to a 3-hour set of original and cover material. Their standard performance is 1 or 2 hours, but they are available for 15-30 minute slots as well as shows longer than 2 hours. Original and cover songs include hits like:

Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash Tribute Remix)
Free Falling (Tom Petty)
Time After Time
3 AM (Matchbox Twenty)
Real World (Matchbox Twenty)
Push (Matchbox Twenty)
Downfall (Matchbox Twenty)
Angel (Shaggy)
Jessie's Girl
Stacy's Mom
Ticket to Ride (The Beatles)
Jack and Diane
Leaving on a Jet Plane (John Denver)
Country Roads (John Denver)
Save Tonight (Eagle Eye Cherry)

Throwing Stones
Abbey Road
Soul Slip Away
Child of Yesterday
Mister Rogers (Neighborhood)
Polar Bear Song
Girl Like That
Send Me a Line
Coming 'Round
Close Your Eyes
All The Same
Insomniac's Lullaby
The Last Drop