Red Door Exchange

Red Door Exchange

 Easthampton, Massachusetts, USA

" it back-porch space rock with a dose of rainy-day Martian cathedral music." -James Heflin, Valley Advocate


From the valley that gave rise to Dinosaur Jr., Sebadoh, Sonic Youth, and The Pixies comes an original melodic rock band Red Door Exchange. The western Massachusetts quartet features a variety of well-orchestrated songs, ranging from calmly melancholic to triumphantly euphoric.

The earlier stages of the band's evolution began in October of 2001 when Jesse, Mike, and Jim recorded an EP entitled "Fool in the Rain," which consisted of excerpts from their first improvisational session and a completed First Song. Kate assisted Jesse in the laying down of vocal parts over the First Song; then, in early 2002, Kate, her voice, and her pianism joined the band following the departure of Jim and his bass. Over the next year and a half, the trio formation made their mark on the local music scene with a regular performance schedule--interspersed with regional appearances in Boston and New York--alongside artists such as as Royal City, The Swords Project, Sufjan Stevens, The Ware River Club, Cerberus Shoal, Tarantula AD, Lou Barlow, and Cass McCombs. In addition, the three-piece recorded a four-song demo, a four-song EP, and was slated to release a full-length album by December 2003, until the music's craving for a bottom end beyond the lower registers of the piano was fulfilled by Jim's rejoining the band.

This event, occurring in the late Fall of 2003, had a pronounced effect on the solidification of Red Door Exchange's sound, and with it came a sense that a missing piece of the puzzle was found. The process of introducing Jim to the established set of songs was undertaken vigorously and completed rapidly. Live performances with the new lineup were well-received, prompting the band to record in Februray of 2004. Selections from these sessions as well as from the previous Sidestreets EP were placed on Lunch Records' "4X4: Volume 1," a compilation released by Lunch Records in October 2004.

The once triangular, now spherical chemistry between the members of Red Door Exchange offers a dynamic unique in its spirit and instrumental character. Michael brings over eight years of experience in drumming and percussion and has combined with Jim as a rhythm section in various settings over the past five years. Jim has played the bass for fifteen years, trained at Berklee College of Music, and participated in several bands, including the former St. Johnny. Kate has studied piano and choral singing for over ten years, and has acquired a music minor during her days in college. Jesse’s past ventures include scoring for a theatre production in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, soundtrack work for New York-based visual artist, Nora Stephens, as well as experiences in various bands, including the former Cast of Lyndon.

Red Door Exchange’s current endeavors include fine-tuning their repertoire, continuing to perform locally and on tour, actively promoting their web presence, and seeking out an appropriate record label for distribution of their debut full-length album, recently self-released in November 2005.


Givin' Up

Written By: Jesse Lee Pietroniro

ain’t you warm, ain’t you warm in my arms baby enough
(baby look)

sure as my side streets glow
I could take you on
an errant year I have grown
I think I’ve had enough
I won’t suck it up
I kid you not
I think I’m givin’ up

now that I get older, I start thinking
start thinkin’ about gettin’ bolder
‘cause I woke it up
if I could only shut up, I would,
and I’d
leave it to God I guess
reap what I sow I know
then I might get some rest

though nearer I’ve come to the skin
of your drum, I still shy away
for no good reason

better leave the light on

just like a dog I kept pouring it on
so you know what I know: hello
see you in a cardigan: jello
ever-knowing that
now I'd fall back when I hear your name
it was a silly word to count on
I stuck a plastic gun in my face
I wasn’t real at all, so I fired
I take it all in stride

so go grow your little garden
‘cause I’m given up
I’m not givin’ up

let it all blow right by you
let it all blow by you

No Good Buddy

Written By: Jesse Lee Pietroniro

say no more you've got nothin' buddy
you'll take on anybody
and everything head on
head on

soon enough you'll have everything
that anyone ever wanted
so keep your hat on
hat on

take the money and run with it
but you'll never know what
you wanted to get from
get from it

i wouldn't wanna race you
i wouldn't wanna go
i wouldn't wanna face you
i wouldn't wanna know

love you but for the hole in your head
i'm not saying it 'cause i might be
dead on
dead on

took a hit from the feddy
now you're rotting like candy
finding out you were led on
led on

literal to the penny
but you cannot afford to be
sitting in heaven

i wouldn't wanna race you
i wouldn't wanna go
i wouldn't wanna face you
i really wanna...

[a song about denying the rat race]

Lack in Love

Written By: Jesse Lee Pietroniro

you’re neither here nor there
been claiming medicinal but i’m shot
living with no fear of death
you might think that's emotional but it's not
i lack in love

lack in love
lack in love
lack in love

so what if i can talk
you’d only listen if you want
our souls could get it on
of course forget it all
because i lack in love

lack in love
lack in love
lack in love

if you keep on lighting it
it’s gonna blow
keep on rocking it
it’s gonna roll
keep on shocking it
it’s gonna short out
keep on knocking it
it’s gonna topple

you’re gonna roll
it’s gonna blow
you’re gonna roll
it’s gonna blow

[Living with the death of too many love cells.]


Red Door Exchange - 2005 (LP)
Safeguarded - 2005 (single/EP)
Quiet Union Volume 1 - 2004 (compilation)
4X4 Volume 1 - 2004 (Lunch Records compilation)
Sidestreets - 2003 (EP)

Set List

Set lists vary according to the performance space. Red Door Exchange is capable of a full-blown electric band sound as a quieter subdued "acoustic" sound. Set times range from 1/2 hour to 2 hours, with longer sets featuring solo/duo performances, an acoustic section, improvisations, and a cover or two, depending on the mood.

Keeping in mind that some songs hit the five-minute marker, a two hour set, with a 10-15 minute break, might go like this:

SET 1 (mostly acoustic):
Dawn on a Red Church
Matter of Time
Whaddya Know
Sunny Bone
Solomon in Chains
Lazye Dayze
Our Day Off
Nu Wei
Sonia Lei

SET 2 (full-blown electric):
Givin' Up
No Good Buddy
Lack in Love
My Lady
Prophet Pusher
War of Love
Peace & Quiet