Red-blooded Retro-ROCK band, RED EDISON, hails from the University of Michigan's hometown of Ann Arbor. The band has been been playing together in and around the Detroit area for 5 years.


With influences such as Roger Waters, Eddie Vedder, Pete Townshend, Chas Chandler, Screaming Trees & Matt Sorum; RED EDISON has an edgy, raw sound with a classical ROCK infusion.

The band's members have been friends since the 3rd grade.

At the age of 17 lead vocalist, Mike Bell, survived a roll-over accident that broker his back. As he struggled to walk againm Bell turned to music as his inspiration during the long and difficult rehabilitation.


RED EDISON is currently in the studio with Dito Godwin Productions in LA.

Set List

RED EDISON plays several nights a week. Typically the band performs 3, 20-30 minutes sessions. All of Red Edison's music is written by band members.