Redefining the Moment

Redefining the Moment


Melodic, fast rock, inspirational lyrics, and high octane performances.


The defining moment. Random memories of when you were four-years-old. Youthful heartbreaks. Leaving the life you've known behind to seek out what the future may hold. The time where you sit back and reflect on the events that have shaped your life and the choices that have made you who you are today, even if just for a second. The moments that define who you are. But that moment always comes again, changing you, strengthening you, and teaching you those invaluable lessons in life.
The defining moment is always changing, says guitarist Grant Irvin. Redefining, if you will.
Each member of Redefining the Moment has felt the power of the defining moment, and you need only pay attention to the words or watch a single performance to catch a glimpse into the effect of these moments on their music. From the surging guitar riffs and infectious energy to the thunderous drums and rapid-fire bass licks, Redefining the Moment redefines everything you thought you knew about pop-punk rock. Whereas most bands will be content with simple 4-chord progressions and lyrics that rhyme, Redefining the Moment takes a different, more technical approach. Every segment of every song is analyzed, broken down, structured, and fine-tuned from what would appear to be a never-ending bag of tricks. Be it the high-energy jumpiness in A Good Friend and Time to Mend, the flying lead bass solo in Closed Eyes of Middle America, the choppy tremolo and sonic boom effects in Oxygen for Two, or the fluid mix of melody and power in Life After a High-Speed Collision, Redefining the Moment is proud to show that they pull no punches.
The roots of Redefining the Moment can be traced back to Tomball, TX. Bassist Luke Icenhower and Grant first crossed paths in a short-lived band that lasted 2 months before falling apart, causing the two to lose contact. Months later, Luke joined vocalist/guitarist Blake Manuel in a 4-piece punk band called Donoras Center. However, 3 years and 150 miles later (the band had since relocated to Austin), Donoras Center hung up its hat and the four former band mates parted ways. Shortly after, Luke and Grant randomly crossed paths again one night at Blake's apartment, jammed for several hours, and talks began of creating what we know of today as Redefining the Moment.
Since their formation, its been all uphill with no end in sight. Following a premier show to a 150+ crowd at the Dirty Dog in Austin, they instantly jumped into the studio with producer Mark Dufour (Fuel, Dynamite Boy, Cruiserweight) to record new tracks for their growing fan base. Following the release of their 4-track EP, the band was asked to perform at the Dirty Dog/101X Block Party New Years Eve, were inducted as members of the Austin Indie Alliance, and played prime slots for the Heart of Texas Quadruple Bypass Music Festival and the AIA SXSW Showcase. Soon after, the band found Jorge Garcia-Nunez as a willing and capable drummer to replace their recently departed original drummer, and the music began to reform and develop (redefine) even further. Bringing many years of solid drumming to the table, his unique talent transformed the RTM sound into an even more solid and technical sound. Things are going so well so fast that I often have to stop and wonder if its even real, chuckles Luke. I don't think the world even knows what awaits it.


Oxygen for Two

Written By: Redefining the Moment

everytime that i spell out "heartbreak"
the pen in my hand writes your name
there's a violet stain upon my shirt
from when you cut me til it hurt
with your blue eyes and my red blood
but i can't wash it out

even though this is just another average love song
but i know i can't fake it forever and forever
i am just your average love song

everytime that you lie beside me
you sigh like you're running out of air
well i've got oxygen for two
but i've wasted enough breath on you
the satisfaction that i got
was never enough to make this work

won't you take away from me (everything)
won't you take away from me (everything)
won't you take away from me what i wanted you to be

Reminiscence of Sunlight Through Shadow

Written By: Redefining the Moment

we'll make it happen this time
we'll drive off into this red-orange sky
and scream our imperfections away
to a world that never cared
about the memories we've shared
but we'll make the best of it anyway

so with every step i take
know that i will not forget

every shooting star we watched
every second that we stopped
every line from every song
what went right and what went wrong
all the fists and all the tears
that we carried through the years
because we're the only things we've ever had at all

i see you clearly through my
somewhat dysfunctional frame of mind
and all the nights you broke down in tears
from the lies they through at you
but every word i said was true
i'd rather die than leave you alone

so with every breath i take
know that i will not forget

so let this world swallow me into its emptiness
i won't let you down
but i know i'll make it through if i hold onto you
and all the times you held onto

every shooting star we watched
every second that we stopped
every line from every song
what went right and what went wrong
all the fists and all the tears
that we carried through the years
through our sorrows and defeats
we're still steadfast and complete
and from this faded off-white sill
know that i will love you still
because we're the only things we've ever had at all

don't hold back
you cannot forget
all the times we've spent
all the feelings that we've had around us

A Good Friend and Time to Mend

Written By: Redefining the Moment

last time i thought about you
the trees were thinner
forcing me to go out and make new friends
i guess that was good for me

tuesday i decided to
re-work my sentiments of you
maybe i could decide my own damn worth
that surely can't take too long
maybe then i'll have a great idea
something so fulgent it would appear
i've got more than just you and my impending life
i guess that was good for me

cuz often times i contemplate why im on my own
that little thump inside you is your heart
forgetting her as it grows grey
as grey as a microphone and just as cold
how do i get by? well my friends at
the bar tend to slow the bleeding


The RTM EP - 4 track EP

We have 4 streaming audio tracks available at

Set List

1. Reminiscence of Sunlight Through Shadow
2. Oxygen for Two
3. A Good Friend and Time to Mend
4. Goodbye
5. A Farewell to Reason
6. Closed Eyes of Middle America
7. Life After a High-Speed Collision
8. Your Smile and a Movie Date
9. Modesty

We usually throw in a few covers of songs like Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry), Help (The Beatles), and Walking on Sunshine (Katrina and the Waves) to name a few.