Redefining Voice

Redefining Voice


A rock/metal/progressive band from Tewksbury, Mass. Check us out:


We've been playing together for about 2 years now? We can't even remember. We're trying to keep influences strong, but destroy any cliches in the process. Our influences vary from Protest the Hero to Dispatch. So call us whatever genre you want, but chances are you'll be wrong. Genre's are the prison to musical freedom and we intend on breaking every law in that system.

Listen to us. If you like it, then great. Help support us as we make the long journey into music. We will try and redefine today's music scene.


New EP coming soon

Set List

National Grid (original)
Blue Spruce (original)
Vitality (original)
Schism (Tool cover)
Sober (Tool cover)
Awake (Godsmack cover)