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""Red Elite - Promo EP (Part II of series)""

"After a line-up and name change, We're back! LEANER, MEANER, LOUDER and DIRTIER than ever!

Here's the scoop. After 10 years of service to the Pud, the veteran professor of smashology, Richard Frost, retired from the band and moved out west to BC. We thank him for 10 years of brotherhood. this has been tough and we'll miss him. We wish him the best. With Richard leaving, Puddy not having released a full-length album in 5 years, and because of a format change from a 4-piece to a 3-piece; We decided the time had come to look ahead, ditch the tired name and imagery and "re-form" under the name Red Elite."

I unfortunately don't have too much information on what happened to Ron Vaillancourt but I believe he moved to Quebec for either work or his girlfriend or a little bit of both. I will get in touch with Paulo and update this when I have all the information.

Edit: Here is what happenend to Ron as written by Paulo. "Ron is still living in Ottawa. When he quit, he had a job opportunity he couldn't turn down and by the time he quit, he'd had his fill of the countless build-ups and what seemed like inevitable disappointments with everything we touched. He's still playing recreationally with a couple of old friends from up North."

For all intensive purposes this is a continuation of the Drive Ep even though a few years have passed. As such two songs that were on Drive make a reappearance on this latest EP (It's Funny... is song #2 and March... is #6) and since I have already reviewed them I will leave them out. Also of note is Sony Canada deciding not to sign Red Elite after almost 3 years of collaboration. Why, I guess it's just one of those mysteries that not even science will be able to explain. Now, on to the good stuff...

In the other review I brought up some points on how they've become more serious and that this change was reflected in their song titles. Now while I still feel the same seriousness is still there, none of the cleverness has been lost. A perfect example is the opening track If The Guild Don't Eat You, The Parasites Will. Once again Red Elite delivers in a huge way. Still pissed off, an almost uncanny knack of creating song dynamics that commands your attention and a chorus that you will be singing to yourself for months. While not a huge leap forward in respects to progression in relation to the band you can still hear some growth. I'm finding this especially evident in Paulo's singing. He has more command of it and how to utilize it to best effect. In just this song he starts singing in a fairly restrained manner and during the progression of the song increases intensity to the point where if he made one wrong move he'd be swallowing the mic (for those who have seen him live will know what I mean).

Man, songs like this make me miss Richard. I don't think he never got lazy behind the drums and always made it interesting. To drive my point home I could have put the previous sentence in almost any song that these guys have done and not be exagerating. I don't envy Eric at all. I should assure you though that I have heard Eric play and he does an admiral job behind the skins and I look forward to what he will add to the band in future releases. On Hold appears at number 3 on this ep and pretty continues the punishment that only Red Elite are able to deliver. How many times and how many different ways can I say how much the riffs rock, or how much you get sucked in to their music. Well, since we're only halfway through looks like I'll have to say it a few more times.

Swollen Water has me torn. While being a little less angry than the other's on this album it still causes me to drive faster than what's probably safe when I have it cranked in my car. The only downside to this song is the chorus when Paulo start's screaming "The Devil's Holding Me...". For whatever reason it kicks me out of the spell that the rest of this song puts me under. I have a feeling that this issue will probably only affect me as it's still top notch material.

Even though I didn't think it was possible Red Elite raises the bar a notch with Something's Coming Soon We Know. Not only is it an amagamation of everything they have done in the past musically but you literally feel like something ominous is coming. Sonically everything is perfect, the guitar has a sinister quality to it that really brings this song alive. Paulo once again delivers a perfect performance vocally. Downright fucking fantastic. This is the kind of song that the repeat button was made for.

Anyone who likes a hard rocking band is in for a huge treat. Red Elite are at the top of their game and deliver quality songs with frightening frequency. My only regret is that whenever they end up releasing their full length, I'd already have listened to the songs repeatedly. But that's more my problem that anyone elses. The scary part is, they still have a song (tentatively titled Fight, Fuck, Or Die) that hasn't made it onto -


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Red Elite's new collection of songs sees a band spitting fire at a world stuffed with disposable culture and dispensable truth. Produced by Andy Curran, the record's pure and honest production approach perfectly compliments the band's long, sorted story and message. This ain't about fashion, studio tricks or a bottom lineĀ… It's about doing it your own way and doing it LOUD. These are driving, no-bullshit hard Rock'n Roll songs for today.

The first single "Burn the Radio" is a bashy, blistering indie rock anthem with big hooks, and bigger riffs. Find it at myspace and Youtube. Request the video and track on the radio and tv or better, catch one of the band's explosive live performances. Watch for the band appearing in your neck of the woods in 2008.