Red Emery

Red Emery


What comes to your mind when you think of Bjork or Massive Attack? These are artists that created a trend instead of walking in somebody else's footsteps. This is what Red Emery is all about. It's a sound out of the common, a sound to remember. It must be attractive enough, considering the rank #2 it reached in the Alternative world of Reverbnation. It's a breath of fresh music, sensuous, often abrasive. Red Emery, and her musicians are ready to spill their musical guts on the scene to offer you


The sensual sounds of Red Emery have inherited the downtempo and melancolic feel of trip-hop music, with a touch of dark, ominous rhythms depicting the edgy life. Subjects are down-to-soul: the hurt from being around vicious people, from the living in wicked societies, the wounds to heal. With the implication of Martin Riopel in 2009, now producing the album to be launched in Spring of 2013, the evolution of Red Emery has leaned towards electro and post-industrial; musical structures are off the beaten track, short pieces of 3 to 4 minutes are like heart-throbs. The knowledgeable ear can trace the influences of Portishead and Queen Adreena on the young composer-singer. In 2010, Red Emery was in full creation-mode when bookings on Montreal scenes were already proposed to her, urging her to find the musicians that would make special chemistry. These are Sébastien Pagé, drummer, and Louis Bernatchez, bassist. Together, they won third place at the Battle of the Bands during spring 2011 at the National, and fourth place at Club Soda later in September. They were also invited to a LandMark Events ShowCase in Toronto, on April 21, 2012. As Red Emery is moving on strong, a D.J., Benoît Scherer, has joinded the group, adding a techno touch to the ensemble.


First EP launched in 2011

First album on the way, to be released in 2013