Redemption of Columbus
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Redemption of Columbus

Columbus, Mississippi, United States | INDIE

Columbus, Mississippi, United States | INDIE
Band Christian Gospel


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"New Artist Development"

Hi-Lites Music Ministries, Inc., an up and coming independent label’s, first project is a live recording of four (4) groups. This project confirms our belief that independent artists and labels will begin to have a significant impact on the gospel music genre, and particularly Gospel Quartet Music. Therefore, this month we review Hi-Lites Music Ministries, Inc. Presents New Artist Development: Project I.

This groups on this video are Redemption of Columbus, Mississippi; New Chosen Disciples of Florence, South Carolina; Febe & The Chosen Ones of Tallahassee, Florida; and Little Sammy & The Flying Clouds, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Notice that the groups are from different states. Therefore, although they all are singing the gospel quartet style of music, you get a different feel for how gospel quartet music may be sung in the states represented.

This project was recording in Lake City, South Carolina. The producers of the project are Darryl Henly and Alphonso Montgomery. The producers have been involved with gospel quartet music for many years. Their years of experience are reflected in the quality of this project.

The first group on the video is Redemption. If you have ever seen this group perform live, you know that they bring a great deal of energy to the stage. They began with “Lord I Thank You,” followed by an arrangement similar to that of Doc McKenzie and The Hi-Lites' song, “I Won’t Complain.” They pick the pace up with “Get Loose, Let Go.” Next they really ministered with “Standing By Your Grace.” And they closed out their session with “Help Me Lift Him Up.”

The next group to minister was The New Chosen Disciples. This was obviously not the group’s first recording. Their professionalism was displayed throughout the entire time they were on stage. They began with “Waiting On You.” The second song they sang was “Glad To Be In The Service.” And they closed with “I’ll Serve You.”

Next Febe & The Chosen Ones graced the stage. This group is definitely ready for primetime. They have the vocals to sing any song they desire. They began with “God Smiled On Me.” They followed that with “Recommend.” Next, is a very interesting arrangement to “Waiting For Direction.” What a powerful arrangement to a great song. Febe & The Chosen Ones’ arrangement of this song deserve to be in heavy rotation on every gospel radio station. The group closed with “I’ve Been Lied On.”

The final group to perform was Little Sammy & The Flying Clouds. The Flying Clouds is another group that deserves to be on a major label. It was so refreshing to see a group like The Flying Clouds actually getting the opportunity to be involved in a live recording. They began with “What A Friend.” After they told us What A Friend Jesus is, the group then confirms for us that “There’s Not A Friend Like You.” The YOU in this case being Our Lord and Savior. They closed with hard hitting drive song “Don’t Bring It In The House Of The Lord.” What a great song to end the live recording.

The quality of the sound is great. There is very little variations in the sound level. The recording level is consistent throughout the video. The lighting is outstanding. You can actually see, very clearly, not only the expressions on the faces of the group members, but also those of the audience. The lighting is consistent throughout the video. There are several camera angels and many still shots.

There are no interviews on this video. There is great audience participation throughout the video. Although, there are times when the group try to get the audience to stand, clap, waive their hands and jump, a great deal of the audience response was spontaneous. And you can actually see who is in the audience.

Overall this is a good video. We recommend that you add this video to your collection. In the future, when the video is out of print, you will be pleased that you have the video. We give the Hi-Lites Music Ministries, Inc. Presents New Artist Development: Project I
- Gloryland Gospel

"Christmas Cantata"

The St. Matthew Temple COGIC presents a Christmas Cantata for senior citizens at 6:30 p.m. Groups are the Gospelations, the Gospel Tones, Redemption of Columbus, the Rev. Alphonso Bowen and Friends, Fannie and the Lewis Family, Aires of Joy, the Mighty King of Joy, Heaven Desire, Northside Christian Male Choir, Doss Family and the New Bright Stars.

- Daily Times Leader


Just Redemption (2011)
1. Everyday I'm Running
2. Cover My Soul

Bought With A Price (2008)

1. Wont Complain 4:12
2. Consider Me (Part 1) 4:43
3. Consider Me (Part 2) 3:03
4. Good To me 5:18
5. Its My Time 3:52
6. Living For Da King 3:47
7. Let it Be Real 4:08
8. Let Go (ROC Praise) 9:37
9. Depend on You 3:13
10. Stand Here Tonight (feat. Marcus Rivers) 4:13
11. Like He Always (feat. Demetrius Smith) 8:52
12. Through It All 7:22
13. Have Your Way featuring Jasper Williams 3:54
14. Hold On (Part 1) 4:12
15. Hold On (Part 2)( feat. Joseph Johnson) 2:57

Lift Him Up (2004)

1. I Won't Complain 3:38
2. Let It Be Real 4:46
3. Lift Him Up 5:32
4. New Love 3:37
5. Other Shore 9:37
6. Reach Up 4:16
7. All In My Heart 4:41
8. Don't Do Wrong 6:05
9. Get Loose 6:08
10. Lord I Thank You



This year, 2011, marks ten years that Redemption of Columbus has been giving God the glory and praise through song. From the first note Redemption has allowed God to elevate them higher and higher and it is evident by not only the songs that they sing, but the words that Redemption conveys to the people of God on every stage. Truly, songs like Been Good were a personal expression from ROC to the world to state that God will make a way Like He Always Done.

Redemption consists of Eight God fearing men from Columbus, MS who has come together as one unit. These men are completely sold out to Jesus Christ and declared they would never perform, but minister to the children of God and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ across the nations!!! The minsters of Redemption are: Armondo L. Adams-Lead Singer, Marcus Johnson-Vocals, Marcus Lanier, Ayatti "Taye" Tippett-Keyboard/Band Director, Freddy Edwards Jr.-Drummer, Nick Mostella-Organ/Horns/Strings, Ramirez "Ro" Ivy-Lead Guitar, Brandon "BWhite" White-Bass Guitar. The Booking and Road manager for Redemption is Bro. Matthew Lewis. Get ready to experience Redemption like never before and that's what Jesus done for us on the Cross!!!!

In, 2011 Redemption will raise the standard of music ministry by the power of the Holy Spirit and will shake this nation with the anointing of music God has given them. Redemption of Columbus (ROC) is one of the hottest genre trendsetting QUARTEMPORARY groups on the scene today that truly understands the meaning of stepping out on faith Being named the #1 New Wave Quartet Group of 2004 and 2005 by the American Quartet Gospel Convention, Redemption is hot on the heels of a another stellar year. The group has participated in several showcases, such as, Twin Towers Gospel Convention, Luther Barnes Fall Classic, DAR Records and C& A Tracking, throughout the country receiving first place finishes in all of them. ROC has innovatively created a new genre, called QUARTEMPORARY, that is taking the world to a new dimension in how Quartets will bless the people of God in 2011 and thereafter. With their Album entitled Bought With A Price: Quartemporary Style, ROC demolishes the genre barriers and brings forth a music ministry that ministers to all of God’s people. With songs such as “Consider Me”, "Good To Me" and “It's My Time” it is evident that ROC has refocused their ministry to edify the name of the Lord with a sincere Spirit of Excellence.

Enjoy the sounds of Redemption with its much anticipated fourth project simply titled: “Just Redemption.” It displays the smooth sounds that they have become known for nationally. One of the first singles to be released, “Everyday I'm Running,” delivers a motivating word that encourages us to continue to run this race by faith. Also being released is “Cover My Soul,” which combines the contemporary voices with a moderate tempo and delivers a personal conversation with the Lord. Once again, expect Redemption to bring it with “Just Redemption.” For more infomation concerning Redemption contact Ramirez Ivy at or call Bro. Matthew Lewis at (662) 425-2335