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Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

Dublin, Leinster, Ireland
Band Metal Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




There was instantly a massive rise in the buzz in the crowd and the volume pumping out as the lads burst into that first open B, tactical, simple, it works, the floor gets filled.

The first thing I noticed was the guitar tone, it was the best of the night and I know both Rob and Dock put a lot of effort into making sure they sound their best every time. It pays off. The next thing that I could get a handle on were the vocals. Kev has improved a lot, even since recording the E.P. He has a much better command of his range now and his voice is immensely powerful.

I love Kev's lyrics and so do the crowd apparently, I was amazed at how many of the lyrics the audience knew, really good to see that.

Red Enemy use dual guitars to their full potential, countering each other sometimes, working in unison to murder us all when it suits.

The rhythm and dynamics employed by this band really serve to set the crowd alight, along with unrivaled stage presence as far as I'm concerned. - Joe Panama





Forming in 2006, RED ENEMY has swiftly become one of the forerunners of the Irish Metal Scene.

Supporting Such International acts as DESPISED ICON, ARCHITECTS, YOUR DEMISE and TO KILL to name but a few, the guys didn’t just take that as a career high point and fizzle away.

They travelled to England, Hooked up with ex YOUR DEMISE and ETERNAL LORD drummer “Stu Mackay” to produce and record their Debut EP entitled “OUTSIDERS”.

Since the release of “OUTSIDERS” the band has gone from strength to strength in their career. With new endorsements from companies such as MAYFISH CUSTOM DRUMS and DIVISION 26 CLOTHING and now with Baisk records taking a keen interest and UK Booking agency LEGACY BOOKINGS sorting UK tours for 2010, Some Industry heads are already seeing the potential in RED ENEMY.

The lads are looking forward to the weeks, months and Years ahead.
As the band have grown, so too have the fans and the fan base.

Regularly playing sold out shows in Ireland, The band have now set their sights on touring the UK Mainland, EU Mainland and of course the US .

Armed with confidence, determination, and more importantly a highly charged live show, the lads are sure to take the UK, EU and US Audiences by storm.

Not to mention the new HD music video (Jan 2010) and New myspace (nov 2009) The lads not only have the Live show, the tunes and the merch on lock down, But the aesthetics of the most successful Metalcore bands around today.