Red Engine Caves

Red Engine Caves

 Fremantle, Western Australia, AUS

We have long hair and beards. But we don't. Well we play music that is generated from 70's rock and or roll. But it feels ridiculous explaining this. We play music, that isn't radio friendly. Oh I'm sorry.


Well. 3 out of 1 members were born in Melbourne which is at least 2,500km from Perth were the other member was born. The age difference between members oldest to youngest is 7 years. The "OG" 3 from Melbourne came the Perth/Fremantle to make music and start something fresh. That is exactly what happened. So one cold dark something morning where a bunch of alcoholics decided to begin playing music together. Well it worked and so this is why we are here trying to tell people, HEY! we are not half bad. There are other things in there were we can't go into because well it brings up... legal reasons... But ignore that. There are no legal reasons. Were cool.


NONE! Wait until Late Sept- Early October. EP BEing released by December.