Marquette, Michigan, USA

The Redettes are a rock band that wouldn’t have been out of place on Stiff Records' roster of Pub/Punk rock. They wrap their literature-inspired lyrics with swagger and present their melodic straightforwardness with a charm recalling The Modern Lovers. RIYL: Replacements, The Libertines, Only Ones


The Redettes are a rock-n-roll band from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. They wouldn’t have been out of place on the Stiff Records roster with its casual resemblance to the “Pub Rock” that occasionally intermingled with the Punk movement in ’70s England (think Nick Lowe or early Elvis Costello). Fans of The Libertines will also appreciate the Redettes' literature-inspired lyrics and swagger. Their melodic straightforwardness also shares some of the charm of Jonathan Richman’s Modern Lovers and ’70s Power Pop artists like The Only Ones and The Undertones.

The Redettes have been touring around the Mid West and East Coast since Fall of 2009 and have garnered praise from various publications. Most notably, the Redettes debut album "Ed" recently made Jack Rabid's Top 40 list in The Big TakeOver magazine Issue No. 69 (Fall 2011).


Jackie Oasis

Written By: Sycamore Smith

"Jackie Oasis" is a tribute to British pop music - some Weird and Gilly returned with thanks.

Jackie's on his back
The lights are bright like golden spikes in iron tracks
And all the while, smoke is pouring from his stack
As a Cadillac peels out in the grass
He's chewing up his chops
He's always running 'round in circles through the crops
He dropped his darling at the bottom of the pops
I guess he's taking back his god-given ass

You're the apple of his vacant stare
And when he opens his mouth
Old Jackie's on his back, and one day Jack
Is gonna be on your back, too

Jackie's on his knees
He reaches up and gives the cloud of smoke a squeeze
The world's a beast, and he is sucking off the fleas
As his pompadour is coming unglued
La-di-da, he starts to sing
He loads a hollow point bullet in a sling
He slips a wedding ring on to the raven's wing
And then drips a drop of vampire food

Finally, he stands
He's got a pair of pink tarantulas for hands
He ties a tourniquet to something in his pants
And pulls an eagle-foot bouquet from his coat
But when he turns to toss it, he slips
He shuts his eyeballs and he flaps his bony hips
A hazy shadow sort of locks on to his lips--
That's the devil blowing smoke down his throat

Looking Down

Written By: Sycamore Smith

"Looking Down" is about the bright side of looking on the dark side.

Roses, briers, shrinking violets, Pilate's my co-pilot
Good chance we'll wash our hands of this romance
So keep it quiet
Another man you can't resist
Every hand has got a fist
I'm a stitch, oh har-dee-har
I think my heart is pumping tar

In the garden, the butterfly knives are carving
Petals flying, "loves me not"
Oh god, don't get me started
I'm a drip in the sea
I'm a wreck, rescue me
What a joke, what a hoot
I'm sinking in my new black suit

I'm alone in misery, but otherwise I'm doing fine
The captain has just turned off
The "Abandon All Hope" sign
I'm a bird on the wing
Looking down on everything
I'm a bird on the wing
Looking down on everything

The Bounce, The Bulge & The Ball

Written By: Sycamore Smith

"The Bounce The Ball And The Bulge" includes a four-line retelling of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart”.

The engineer and I began to wrestle
He wouldn't let me blow the whistle when I wanted
So I bounced him out the door and off a trestle
Into a river that was loaded with piranha

I'm rocking back & forth beneath the light bulb
My chair will not sit level any more
Something that I buried makes a slight bulge
And my chair goes "thumpa-thumpa" on the floor...

Dancing 'round the gallows in their twosomes
They followed while the caller called the calls
But when he hollered "Swing yer partner!"
It got gruesome
Down at the Hangman's Ball

The Brothers Ape

Written By: Sycamore Smith

The lyric of "The Brothers Ape" is based on the words to an 18th century Irish folk song. The music is based on the sound of an 18-wheeler hitting an Irish folk band.

Ever raking, ever drinking
Breaking windows, swearing, sinking
There they stand, defiant, reeking
They are the Brothers Ape

Spending more than they can earn
Leaving every bar-room burned
The Earth is dirt and they are the worms
Behold! the Brothers Ape

Living in a hallowed hall
Punching holes in hollow walls
Their breath will burn, their spit will scald
The enemies of Ape

They wear their hair shirts inside-out
Extend their fangs and walk about
From underground, the beasts slide out
To greet the Brothers Ape

They forge their daggers with their fists
And sharpen razors on their wrists
Cobras lift their heads and hiss
To cheer the Brothers Ape

No one knows who sent them
Or what forces might have bent them
In the night, you're followed by
Their silent, hunchbacked, shapes
They sense your fear, you cannot shake
The relentless Brothers Ape

And if they find their fangs have dulled
They'll cut some new ones from your skull
The vomitorium is full--You can thank the Brothers Ape

They will draw & quarter you
And draw & quarter the quarters, too
The ropes are taut, the knots are true
Ride! you Brothers Ape!


The Redettes "Ed" - mini LP/CD (Phratry Records, 2011)