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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | SELF

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | SELF
Band Rock Reggae


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"Interview with Mike Redmond of Redeye Empire - The Pique, Whistler BC"

Returning to Whistler for a show is like coming home for Mike Redmond, the lead singer for Redeye Empire. He lives in Vancouver now, but for more than a decade he rode the chairlift up Whistler Mountain and downloaded into the music scene in the evening. At one of the weekly open mic nights at the Crystal Lounge (the longest running jam night in Whistler), Redmond first broke his guitar strings. A few weeks later, he was playing solo sets at the Crystal then at other pubs, clubs and patios around town as a member of the Living Room Band. The originally-named Redeye band grew to Empire proportions and following a 19-show sold-out tour opening for G. Love and Special Sauce during the spring of 2007, the group of Redmond, Gabe Davis, Ali Siadat, Eric Stephenson, Ben Brown and newcomer Andre Arsenault stepped into the recording studio. On the G. Love tour Redmond met producer Chris DiBenneditto who produced for the likes of Ben Harper, Jack Johnson and Slightly Stoopid. DiBenneditto loved the band’s sound and was only too happy to agree to co-produce what would become Redeye Empire’s second release, The Diary of Everett Miley. Dibenneditto’s reggae dub attack was sharpened with co-producer Ben Kaplan’s edgy rock and roll. Kaplan previously worked with Shakira, Chevelle, Biffy Clyro and Sarah McLachlan. “This album is definitely more dynamic and more punchy; it came out more hard edged,” Redmond said. “We approached this album differently. We did a lot more preproduction and all of us in the band had more say in the album. And with the two producers having different backgrounds (in musical style), it really made for a more diverse album.” Tour stories live on in the album’s name, paying tribute to the tour bus driver Everett Miley. “He was a pretty interesting guy,” he said. “The stories this guy had. It pays some homage to him because he made an impression on us.” A soft release of the album was launched in Whistler at the Longhorn Saloon earlier this year; however, another tour with a major act waits in the wings. - Pique Magazine (Whistler, BC)

"Show Review – Myrtle Beach, NC (May 8, 2008) PEPPER W/ REDEYE EMPIRE AT THE HOUSE OF BLUES"

Pepper has always had this amazing way of finding bands with the hottest contemporary style, roots and reggae dub fashion to pump up the show before they hit the stage. This show was no different. … Iration used its time quite well - nine songs in 30 minutes and nothing seemed too short. RedEye Empire was next. From Canada, eh? By the end of the second song, "Trippin' on Babylon," the crowd was hooked. The boys of the Empire definitely keep the dub style fresh, but incorporate more punk and ska than anything. The pit got started during the third song, "Slow down," which ironically was one of the softer songs, but regardless, those guys know how to rock. The stage presence of every last member of this band was absolutely incredible. They could have been playing the worst music in the world and still had the crowd hyped simply based on their energy on stage. Take some Red Hot Chili Peppers, a dab of Sublime, some 311 and six guys from Canada and you've got yourself one hell of a band. By the time Pepper hit the stage, the floor was packed and fans everywhere were screaming….- - By Ashleey Williamson

"Album Review: Diary of Everett Miley: Redeye Empire"

The Pier Magazine – Seattle (Jan. 2008)
Album Review: Redeye Empire - The Diary of Everett Miley (29 Records)
Vancouver’s Redeye (Empire) has returned with a slight name change and a new album, The Diary of Everett Miley. Who the hell is Everett Miley you ask? Well after listening to it multiple times I still have no idea. I assume he is a real guy cause he gets thanked in the credits at least. I even googled his name in case it was some famous Canadian guy I never heard of. No luck there either.
Anyway back to the music itself. It pretty much rocks. Redeye Empire has delivered an album that is bound to be a consistent crowd pleaser. If anything the band may be accused of trying a little too hard, particularly on tracks like Why Can’t I See You Tonight? The track is so over the top and ‘born for radio’ I am sure that fellow Canadian’s Nickelback would have been jazzed to have written it. However, it’s Redeye Empire’s ability to balance these more commercial (and enjoyable) moments with more restrained songs like the fantastic Babylon and the frenetic ska stylings of Youth be Tough, that make a pretty captivating and well-rounded album.
One of the band’s most popular songs from its debut album, Stumble makes a re-recorded return here and is a nice reminder of what a great summer time song it really is. For maximum carefree music effect Redeye Empire has also recruited the busiest producer in 2007 - Chris D (also worked on albums by G Love, Slightly Stoopid, The Expendables and The Movement) to assist on a few tracks, with the most effective results being the previously mentioned Babylon and the funky Walk Away.
The Diary Of Everett Miley is probably the first album released during the New Year that is worth checking out and investing that surplus Christmas cash from the grandparents on.
The Pier Magazine – USA
- The Pier - Seattle, WA

"Sea To Sky album review from The Pier"

Canada, famous for the 2010 Winter Olympics, Rush, Barenaked Ladies, Neil Young, the great Michael J. Fox and pretty soon, Redeye Empire.

On the band’s 3rd record, Sea To Sky, Redeye comes off as a group who has done its thing, listened to some advice and are back, swinging for the fences. Showing what it can do with syncopated reggae drums, familiar (but great) guitars and lyrics about love Baby, potential heartbreak Steal My Heart, classic 3rd wave ska tunes Oh I Say, great rock tunes Ramble On and maybe the winner of best vocals in a reggae-rock tune this year in I Want It All.

While listening to Sea To Sky something becomes very apparent, these guys are good. Now I know that seems sort of obvious. However, if you're surprised at that statement, don't be. While Redeye has toured with two of the biggest bands in this genre in Pepper and G. Love & Special Sauce over the course of the past five years, it seems the band has remained focused and while its let its influences seep in, it never let them take over its sound. That my friends, is a talent.

This record plays as one of the best reggae-rock records of this still very young year. But don't be mistaken by their genre, Redeye, like its peers Pepper, has a unique and definite pop sensibility about them. Not the really "ugh" Britney Spears kind, more like the kind that draws you to this scene, makes you go the shows, buy the records, etc. While this record remains under the radar for now, it won't for long, so jump on the bandwagon before it officially becomes a "bandwagon." So this record continues to support my theory/question. Can Canada do anything wrong?

By Iain Axness - ThePier.Org


2011 - Last Chance for Sunshine

1. Mikes Dub
2. Make You Dub
3. Bring Me Down
4. Ben's Annoyance
5. Eric's Song
6. Only One
7. Wait for Me
8. Break Me
9. My Love
10. Stick by You
11. The Ballad of FU(Ping)

2010 - 'Sea to Sky'

1. Steal My Heart 4:04
2. Roots 3:31
3. Oh I Say 3:16
4. Throw Down
5. Redeye 2:08
6. Roll Up 3:31
7. Baby 3:10
8. I Want It All
9. Ramble On
10.Take Me Away
11. El Gaucho 5:20

2008 - 'The Diary of Everett Miley'

1.Rely On The Music 4:01
2.Youth Be Tough 4:04
3.Why Can't I See You Tonight 3:16
4.Trippin On Babylon 3:41
5.Iron Heart 4:58
6.Coward With A Gun 2:42
7.Stumble 3:46
8.Pack It Up 3:45
9.Walk Away 3:43
10.Bloodright 4:55
11.Fallin 3:20
12.Last Chance 3:32
13.Can�t Let You Go 2:23

2007 - 'Redeye'

1. West Coast Living
2. Stumble
3. Shade Of A Velvet Room
4. So Tired
5. One Mans Trip
6. War Has Begun
7. Sayulita
8. Sunrise
9. Slow Down



Redeye Empire is generating buzz on the strength of their music and live show, and earning the respect of fans and industry alike. Friends since high school, co-lead vocalists Gabe Davis and Mike Redmond put together a band in Vancouver, Canada. While Sublime, Led Zepplin and the Chili Peppers are sonic influences, Redeye Empire has emerged with a vibe, style and sound that is their own. Redeye Empire has shared the stage with Pepper, G.Love, Fishbone, Slightly Stoopid, Michael Franti, Xavier Rudd and many others...

In 2007 Redeye Empire toured the US in support of G.Love & Special Sauce, playing sold out shows in major US markets at venues like The Vic Theatre in Chicago, House of Blues Orlando/New Orleans/LA, The Fillmore San Francisco and Stubbs BBQ in Austin Texas. Upon returning from the tour the guys immediately started working on their sophomore album with producers Chris D (Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, G.Love) and Ben Kaplan (Shakira, Trapt, Hedley) recording the follow up to their self-titled debut album. The album was released in early 2008 and is titled The Diary Of Everett Miley in honor of their tour bus driver, a veteran of the war in Viet Nam.

Redeye Empires second US Tour in support of The Diary Of Everett Miley occurred in the Spring of 2008. They toured the US with Warped Tour headliner Pepper. Redeye Empire once again played shows at venues such as Stubbs BBQ, House of Blues Dallas, Orlando and Myrtle Beach and most other large venues from California to Connecticut. Redeye Empire was also lucky enough to tour with Ska/Funk veteran's Fishbone on select west coast dates.

When writing began for the next CD the band was working harder than ever. As a result, the sounds and the songs were more focused. Once more using the talents of Ben Kaplen, "Sea to Sky" was released in January 2010. They again hit the road on a large tour throughout the U.S. This time back with G. Love & Special Sauce. With the success of that tour they are now starting to perform their own U.S. headline shows and being asked to play major festivals as well as garnering success in their own back yard filling venues across Canada.

Most recently Redeye Empire has completed a summer tour of the West Coast of Canada and the US where they were the only Canadian band to be invited to play the West Beach Festival in Santa Barbara (CA). The boys are now back in the studio working on their 4th album to be released in the summer of 2011.

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