World Upside Down


Redfish is a band that is fueled by the restless spirit of rock and roll. This is the energy that compels them to stretch and search night after night. Like the most adventurous and bold bands and artists through rock's short span of history, they use their music to connect to something. They want some rock and roll communion.

The band can be considered searchers who respect tradition. Redfish takes chances, but it's all in the name of groove and energy, their common denominator. As versatile and inspired musicians, they know how to stretch, colour, and bring texture to their music. They could be considered new sonic explorers, turning over stones and kicking up dust. The band are also storytellers who will shade an album or show with characters and sounds that reach out and bring uplift, or distant thunder on a flashing horizon. They're all about passion and commitment to their own vision, and that keeps the lifeblood of Redfish's music vital, just hear it for yourself.

Their new album, De Profundis, was produced by Randy Cantor (Ricky Martin, Bon Jovi, Fugees) and engineered by Paul Santo (Aerosmith, Kid Rock, Ringo Star). They recently won Album of the Year at the 2008 BC Interior Music Awards. They have shared main stages with Evanescence, Finger Eleven, Seether, the Trews, Nazareth, Kim Mitchel, 54-40 and the Northern Pikes, to name a few.

Redfish will be touring this winter and into the new year supporting De Profundis. They have just signed a deal with HevyD's Old fashioned Kettle Korn that will put a Redfish song for free download inside one million bags of popcorn nation wide.