REDFLECKS:rock/indie/electro**noted quote from International Tour '08: "reminds me a bit of Canadian dance-punks “You say party! We say die!” Throw in some Karen O, some Strokes, some Blondie, vocalist Amy’s own sultry flair, some deep bass lines...shiny happy people!”Blunt Mag of South Africa


“Ooh, it’s so shiny and colourful. American indie/rock/electro kids REDFLECKS toured the country from March to April. And their sound reminds me a bit of Canadian dance-punks “You say party! We say die!” Throw in some Karen O, some Strokes, some Blondie, vocalist Amy’s own sultry flair, some deep bass lines, and a bag full of smarties, and you’ve got an idea. Shiny happy people!” YL of Blunt Magazine of South Africa

“Polished. The result of performing together since 2005. Lead singer Amy has an accomplished voice and her cohorts do a fine line in supporting her with solid bass, keys and lead backing. some angst, some anger, some moody and dreamy Stereolab-ish groove” Levi’s Original Music Magazine by Travis Lyle

“REDFLECKS who really stole the show for me. So much energy and stage presence combined with great songs really got the crowd into the party mood. We are sad that REDFLECKS are back in the USA but so glad we got to watch them perform!” Review from

““Hey Da Da Da Da” is a real party track with Blondie-esque vocals and swirling, fuzzy guitars over dance-ready beats.” CMJ New Music Report Spotlight

- Music Video to be released late spring ’09.
- Recent EP release, titled The Shiny Part, debuted at 145 on the CMJ top 200 Chart
- 1st Independent International Tour to South Africa in May ’08
- Appearance on Fearless Music TV w/Imogen Heap, Sugarcult, The Paybacks
- CBGB show
- Dates on Vans Warped Tour on Ernie Ball Stage & Shira Stage


Hey da da da da


Dadadadadadada I’m dreaming. Vital signs and smiling on the inside. Love me will you love me if I mimic love mistaken for the thing it isn’t. I’m over it. I’m not who I used to be completely. Waking up from systematic sleeping. And all this time I’ve wondered if I’m crazy for being in pursuit of all that kills me

I’m over, I’m over, I’m over it.

I gotta get it out. I gotta get oo oo

Something That You Said


Nothing ever pulled my heart like this before
Damaged and a little broken, but it is yours
Always thinking. My obsession.
Light all around. Love the language.
So amazing. I’ve finally found

Nothing ever pulled my heart like before
Damaged and a little broken, but it is yours. Only
Always thinking. My obsession.
Light all around. Nothing compares.
No simulations. I’m finally found.

I am fighting fighting. Spirit fighting fighting.

It's Nothing


`I remember stars and wishing, letting go to stop the spinning
Worlds apart but still colliding. ohh
I remember stars and wishing, hoping for a life worth living
Could it be that I am dieing. Ohhh.

Taking all your love. Breaking what I was. Start again like it’s nothing. It’s nothing.

Feeling welcomed under water. Shaking hands with my disaster.
Please remove me from the nightmare. Weak and falling in desire.

I will plead for my soul to find. Hearing thee right beside me.
Empires all around. Watch what knocks them down. Building up and there’s nothing. There’s nothing.

Fatal Devotion


The beginning
The beginning of
The beginning of human kind

This life is more than subtle
It’s burning on my skin
A frail encounter showing what existed

I’m done from feeling like this
You’ve won another fatal devotion

I need somebody to understand
Come and visit me in my empty room
Won’t you please come inside and visit me

Wonder Where We Are


Theories and drama
Drama and theories
Everyone has an opinion
Don’t they
Too bad we can’t wrap our heads around what life is about
Or does it have to wrap itself around us

Why do we complicate, why don’t we uncomplicate
Souls and hunger
Are we over or under giving

Remember where we are we are where remember where we are
lazy fat thin vain and overpaid
are we
drop a few coins into the jar to make us feel good
about our deserved little lives
we have freedom of speech
freedom to express ourselves
freedom to love. To love people

Remember where they are where they are…
In a hurry
In a hurry

Remember where they are, where they are…Remember where we are…where we are …where..remember where we are

Not all about me or you or me

I Guess I Didn't Hate You


You told me that I could leave if this was something that I wanted
So I did

Miles and miles of road between us
Still my heart is gravitating to your door

I think about you
I think about it I think about it
I think about it when I’m tired of thinking
I think about you oh I think about us
I think about it when I’m. I think about it when I’m gone

On my radio your songs are so much louder than I’ve ever heard

I am begging for you…
I guess I didn’t hate you….


October '08 - EP release, titled The Shiny Part, debuted at 145 on the CMJ top 200 Chart

'08 - REDFLECKS have recently recorded and released an EP, entitled “THE SHINY PART,” on February 18, 2008. All 6 songs were tracked in a few days in Nashville, TN at KosmoDrome, NashVegas Studio & Studio 2112. “The Shiny Part” has been engineered/produced by Quinlan (3 time Grammy nominated, Emmy Award winner). Co-engineered by Nash Overstreet, Donnie Boutwell, & Darryl Swart. Mixed by Mark Linger & mastered by Salvo at Salvo Mixing.

‘06 - The 2006 debut full-length album, entitled “The Story Cannot End,” was recorded at The Lunchington and The Fiction Room Records. Mixing credits go to Drew Bullock, Aaron Nierman and Chuck Zwicky.

February 2007- REDFLECKS' single "It's Nothing" is being featured as opening track on SL Magazine's compilation, The Knife Of The Party. "It's Nothing was also picked up by Radio 5FM. (South Africa)


Live video Url:

Set List

The typical set list runs between 30 - 45 minutes, consisting of original songs.

It's Nothing
Something That You Said
I Guess I Didn't Hate You
Fatal Devotion
Hey Da Da Da Da
I Wonder Where We Are
Remind Me Why