Red General

Red General



Shake hands with a driving force of progressive rock. Formed in November 2006, RedGeneral erupted into the music scene bringing impaling bass, fierce guitars, and smashing drums that will invade your emotions.
Four guys with the passion for music began marking their territory in the GTA exploding their talent onto the local indie scene. Mississauga duo, Dave Misserianni and Tony Ruggiero, started jamming together, which would later set the stage for what is now RedGeneral. Adding his powerful vocals to the mix, Pat Munoz of Brampton later joined Dave and Tony in search for a compatible drummer. Impressed with his driving beats, the band brought Ryan Wybenga, on board to complete the band.


Tired of the Scenery

Written By: Red General

So long my tears
Shed for nothin but waste
Just what I feared
Has a bitter,bitter taste
And far away
You've flown from me
I wish you stayed
then we could have seen
You're like a bird
Tired of the scenery
So away you go
far behind you leaving me
And so I tried to occupy my head
But all my thoughts
lead to you instead

I'll work my way
Through this my dread
listen to friends
and put this bussiness to an end.
and far away........


This fall, Red General went to the studio to record three songs that will appear on the upcoming EP due in summer 2009.

Set List

Typical Set (approx. 45 min):

New World Train
Tired of the Scenery
It's Me
I Die
Bitterness Regret
Apathy Makes the World Go 'Round
Angry Man