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Redglo's music matches word-for-word the Wikipedia definition of "power pop" as a popular music genre: it "typically incorporates a combination of musical devices such as strong melodies, crisp vocal harmonies (okay maybe not that crisp), economical arrangements, and prominent guitar riffs".
Redglo are a three-piece comprisnig John Hippocrates (drums and vocals), Suzie O'Toole (bass and vocals) and Patrick Keyzer (vocals and guitar). John's rock music career began with The Seven Ballerinas. Their song, "Sometimes I Feel", was a No 1 on 2JJ and the song was selected for inclusion in a Triple-M "Homegrown" release. John moved on to the Bossanova Kids and then The Tellers (Brisbane). The Tellers released a couple of singles, 2 albums and a CD, "Flex" in 1992, produced by Rob Younger (Radio Birdman). Flex included songs by John, who had by then started writing, mainly with guitarist Mario Spina. The band enjoyed a large and loyal following, both in south-east Queensland and later Melbourne, following the band's move down south. After the Tellers broke up, John returned to Queensland and formed three-piece band The Damn Motors. In 2010 he formed Redglo with Suzie O'Toole (bass and vocals) and Patrick Keyzer (vocals and guitar).
Suzie is from the Gold Coast, and no one is more surprised than her that she is back at the Gold Coast. She started playing bass when she was 14 and played in pubs up and down the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast including, famously, the last gig at the Currumbin Hotel. When bouncers wanted to refuse her entry to the Jet Club because she was just 16, she hid in a road case and was wheeled past the unsuspecting bouncers by her fellow band members. Suzie hopped on a Greyhound bus at 17 and vowed never to return. Suzie lived in Melbourne, then Brisbane, then Sydney, then London, then Sydney again. During her first stint in Sydney she played in three-piece hard rock band Bitch, which she describes as "a popular band, but only among bogans". She doesn't like to talk about this period in her life (the band pics are hilarious) and threatens violence when asked about it. Unfortunately, web research that uses the word "Suzie" together with "Bitch" as search terms yields some very questionable websites and not much more information.
Ironically enough, across town at The Sandringham, The Annandale, the Harold Park or the Evening Star, the Snapdragons were playing. Ironic because Patrick wishes he had the crowds that Bitch were pulling in Western Sydney but Suzie wishes she was playing to five people at the Sandringham like Patrick was. Well maybe it wasn't as bad as that, maybe there were ten people. The Snapdragons were a three piece that started its life as Jet Powers and the Byronic Tragi-Heroes, winning the Sydney University band competition at Manning Bar in 1987. The Snapdragons supported The Crystal Set, Bell Jar, Penguins on Safari and The Whitlams, to name a few. Highlights included a tour of Melbourne playing at LaTrobe University, the Royal Artillery, the Prince of Wales and the Evelyn to roomfuls of happy people. Six years, about 300 gigs and two singles later (Congratulations/Blame on Artist Records and This Is It/Xmas Day on Bluebottle Records), the Snapdragons dissolved when drummer James Hunter moved to Melbourne and bassist Mick Brooks moved to Arizona.