New York City, New York, USA
BandEDMNew Age

Electro-Ambient. Electro-ambient music that evokes the romance of travel and wanderlust of living. Using keyboards and drum controllers, redgreenblue's performances are sonically rich and visually absorbing, engaging the eyes, the ears and the imagination. Think of a meat eating Moby.


redgreenblue is how I express my love for instrumental, electronic based music. It becomes immediately apparent to the listener that the synthesizer is my instrument, not a substitute for 'real' instruments. With influences ranging from Kraftwerk to Jean-Michelle Jarre, Pink Floyd to Vangelis, Gary Numan to William Orbit my music is engaging and has a narrative. This is not musical wallpaper nor is it for 2 a.m. head-pounding at a club.

Combined with tasteful videos my performances are compelling and the technology is there to serve me, not the other way around. There is no e-mail checking onstage with a redgreenblue performance!

Appeals to fans of Boards of Canada, Massive Attack, Kraftwerk, Jarre, William Orbit, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream.

Shane King has been active in electronic music since the mid 80's and is always working on new music in addition to film scores.


redgreenblue's newest album, 'Synaesthetic' is available at

Songs can be heard at and soon to be available on iTunes and streaming radio stations.

redgreenblue is currently streaming on:

redgreenblue was recently chosen as the music for the US Chamber Of Commerce's webcast of President Obama's Speech.

Set List

1. The Power of Wind
2. Radio Flyer
3. Tel'Aran'Rhiod
4. The Romance of the Rail
5. Synaesthetic 2.1
6. S-O-S Waltz

The set is 47 minutes long but can be changed or re-ordered. There is also some improvisational pieces that vary in length.