Red Haired Strangers

Red Haired Strangers


Part juke joint, part honky tonk, part front porch and part roadhouse; all upbeat and all tastefully presented to make you move.


The Red Haired Strangers have been playing together for the past 15 years, forging original music that contains hints of delta blues, country, bluegrass and americana influences. Along the way, they've expanded to include not only guitar and harmonica, but also fiddle, drums, dobro and pedal steel guitar. Their music consists of original words set to driving melodies complete with evocative images of wandering, trains, sin and love lost. Their repertoire also includes finger picking, slide and 12 bar blues, old fiddle tunes, bluegrass breakdowns and country stompers, as well as, tasteful toe tapping covers from the world of roots music. They move effortlessly across genres to present good American upbeat acoustic based music, with a nod to the past, while they head towards the future.

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Waggin Tonques

Written By: Ryan Dunham

A burnin' sun will beat a man like any woman will
A ramblin' heart will drive a man like booze or dope or pill
A confused mind will make you wander round make you act against your will
Till your soul's so damn hollowed out no hope nor faith will fill

Be still the night coming over me
Speak without sound, just let me be
Be still the light shining through the trees
Staring at a distance beyond what I can see

A river of tears just reveals a backbone of doubt
A belly full of fire won't cool you down or clean you out
A mouth full of mumbled slurs just proves you can cuss and pout
And leaves you that much further from figuring out what it's all about

Be still the night coming over me
Speak without sound, just let me be
Be still the light washing through the trees
Staring at a distance beyond what I can see

Whisky's a temptation, but harsh and real like life
A dark bar on a sunny day's, more welcome than any wife
Waggin' tonques meet stumbling bums and my head's feeling light
I see the dust rise in the jukebox light, he comes another night


Self-Titled - 2003 - Featuring the Acoustic Duo

New CD - Featuring the full band -Release Date - Nov 7, 2009

Set List

A typical Red Haired Strangers set is a seamless blend of upbeat acoustic blues and country with a hint of bluegrass thrown in for good measure. It reflects strong originals mixed with tasteful arrangements of carefully chosen cover material. The Red Haired Strangers usually play 3 hour gigs with one small break (15 min.), but have well over 4 hours of material.


Assembly Line Woman
High Lonesome
The Last Years
Any Day
Prop You Up
Brewster Express
Foot of the Bed
Waggin' Tongues
Background Noise
Hiding From the Day
I Won't Make It to the Door
Fix It Up
Middle Of the Day
Barefoot Rug
Hope You Don't Stay Long
New Leaf
Traversing Sawteeth
Scraps From Your Table
Solace and a Oneness
Fields of Plenty
Why Should You Be
Little White Lie
Open Water
Aquas Abajo
Don't Know
You Make Me Want to Cry
Railroad Song
Drag the River
Ramblin' Lights


Wreck Of the Old '97 (Johnny Cash)