Red Headed Step Children

Red Headed Step Children


The Red Headed Step Children are The Rowdiest band at your Jazz show and the Jazziest band at your Rowdy show. An ass shaking epidemic roaming the Earth. Baffling Hipsters in our wake since 2004. World's Largest Musical Cowbell available upon request.


The band got started in 2004 playing hundreds of shows under the radar all over the South, Mid West, and West Coast . Their influences include Art Tatum and Buddy Rich, Zappa, Captain Beefheart, and a wide variety of Blues, Hip Hop, Psychedelia, and Punk. Live shows in the past have included Burlesque shows, Belly Dancers, Necromancers, and Tap dancing on the World's Largest Musical Cowbell.

The Red Headed Step Children will be on tour in 2007 promoting their 2nd full length album, "15 Miles To Bliss" Most shows in 2007 will also include the World's Largest CowBell.

The World's Largest Musical CowBell was designed by and will be the death of Austin Giles the band's drummer. It weighs roughly 300 lbs. and is large enough to be tap danced upon.


2004 the band released an 11 song self titled CD.

2005 the tracks were re-recorded and the final product is a 16 song self titled disc with airplay on various college radio stations.

2007 releasing Full Album: "15 Miles To Bliss"

CD with a guest artist on every track coming soon.

Set List

We are used to trimming our sets to fit specific needs of the Venue and other Bands.

Rowdy Set: 30 min. / up to 2 hours
(includes World's Largest Cowbell tap dance spectacular)

Loungy Set: up to 3 hours of ALL ORIGINAL, Jazz and Boogie n Blues.

sets of ALL ORIGINAL loungy jazz and Boogie'n Blues.

We do not typically play any cover songs.