Red Headed Temper

Red Headed Temper


Hailing from Baltimore does not necessarily make you a great rock band. But in this case, it certainly infuses the gritty song-writing and whip-smart lyrics of Red Headed Temper with an unflinching "fuck you" edge. Reminiscent of early 90s rock, but original in its perfect pop undertones.


Versatile and hard to pin down, lead singer Val Bernsten’s unique voice transitions from assertive growl to breathy chanteuse in a single line. Lead guitarist Ed Harris (of Lake Trout) provides perfect counterpoint to Val's balls-to-the wall power chord slashes with his dry, harmonically-tense lines. Add to the mix the muscular and inventive rhythm section of Michael Kuhl and Randall Miller, their fate is sealed as the fucking saviors of rock.

In their short 9 month existence, the band has played to packed rooms in NYC and Baltimore including The Annex (for Club NME night), Piano's, Mercury Lounge and the Ottobar, as well as the famous HFSTIVAL. They have also shared the stage with the Raveonettes, Ours, Ben Lee, and the Tom-Tom Club, to name a few.


Red Headed Temper Demo Ep

Set List

8 songs-

Cri Du Chat
Give It a Day
Talking To The Pig
The Smell Of Fear
Just A Friend
Red Headed Temper
(No covers....)